Vacation, all I ever wanted

Four days later, everyone survived Staycation 2014. While it still wasn’t what I’d call cheap, it was a lot less money than packing up and going away somewhere – anywhere, even somewhere really inexpensive. And sleeping at home every night was somehow more restful, despite the fact that I spent the first few hours each night attempting to sleep in a sleeping bag on our thin, shitty carpet that sits on cement. At 45, my body was just not having it, and I would retreat to the bed around midnight.

I’ve really fucked up my knees again and am going to have to work on nothing but rehab and strengthening for a while; no running, not for a few weeks. I ran last Thursday when they were already bothering me. I was supposed to do yoga at lunch that day, but I forgot my mat, and I was going to the Greek festival that night so exercise at lunch HAD to happen, so out I went. But then Friday was a difficult hike, including All The Stairs that were part of the 5K course I ran in early June, and a lot of sprinting after my son while he ran away laughing gleefully. That one-two punch really did it and by Saturday, I couldn’t even face going down a ladder into the submarine we were supposed to tour; I knew my knees wouldn’t make it and pictured a really bad collapse and breaking my shin, or worse. Which would not be a good way to spend vacation or the rest of the summer, so I sat on the deck and read the brochure instead.

There was popcorn, and big bowls of noodles. And kid movies. I have to confess, I really, really do not like children’s movies. Almost none of them. And I have almost never, with select exceptions, been the type of person to want to watch something over and over and over again. So, Cars the first time was great. Cars the hundredth time, just kill me. I can’t make myself watch this shit. So I worked hard to tune out Kung Fu Panda and Lego Star Wars, which is tough to do. There were hotdogs cooked outside, and s’mores. There were fireflies and mosquito bites. There was canoeing, and of course the canoe got both stuck and turned around at different points, but we managed to get ourselves out and nobody fell in the water, so that’s good. There was sight-seeing of historical things, and picnicking, and the beach. All in all, a relatively good four days. 

I checked myself periodically to make sure I was present, in the moment, and not daydreaming about work, things I need to get done, worries about money, or my Mom, or the fact that this is probably the last family vacation my son will have, for various reasons. I enjoyed my beautiful boy’s laughter every day. I taught him what poison ivy looks like, how to gather dry twigs for a fire. I marveled at his endless energy. I taught him camp songs. We laid next to each other in our sleeping bags on the living room floor, and I held his very small hand in mine, grateful for those tiny fingers, for the trust and the love. 


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