Tonsils and Tractors

My son was late to school this morning because of my allergies.

He asked me why I always “spray that stuff up my nose” every morning, so I described allergies to him and asked if he wanted to see the sinuses in the medical book. “Yes!” he said, so I found a pic of the skull and the described where the sinuses were, and then found a page that depicted them. Also on that page was a picture of what laryngitis looks like, and also tonsilitis, and wanted me to describe those. “Those rub together every time you talk?” Yes. Then I told him how a lot of people, most adults, in fact, have to have surgery to have their tonsils removed. I haven’t, even though I probably should have some years ago, so I couldn’t really show him that but I told him how even kids get them out, and how I remember when my sister had them out when she was 8, she got to eat as much ice cream as she wanted. “I want that, then,” he said definitively. “I want my tonsils out and then the ice cream.” I had to explain how very much it hurts and then described a little more graphically what happens during a tonsilectomy, and then he decided he just wanted to have the ice cream. “Maybe we can just pretend that I had them out next time I have ice cream,” he said. Ever the actor, this child. All of this medical talk, which I am quite honestly not very well-equipped to discuss unless it’s something specifically about the GI tract, had us late getting out the door, but I figure learning is learning, right? 

A glance at the weather forecast over the next 10 days shows distinctively fall-like temps at night. I had to wear a sweater this morning on the drive to work. Not loving that, for the beginning of August.

Been working hard to try to strengthen my legs for about three weeks now, every other day if I can manage it, or at least three days a week. I know I have overall leg weakness and that’s contributed to the really bad knee problems I have, which are a combination of IT band syndrome and some other bad things. The tree trunk legs I used to have are now so weak and flabby, it’s a long journey back to try to get strong without incurring more injury, especially overuse, which I am prone to. But guess what? Since I started this dedicated whole-leg and butt strengthening program, guess what has almost completely gone away? My plantar fasciitis. They really are connected, I think in particular the fact that I have an overdeveloped calf muscle on the leg that is most prone to it is interesting – compensating probably for the fact that one leg is a tiny bit shorter than the other due to how my hips are aligned. It’s not bone-related, it’s because of my back injury, that one hip “holds” a little tighter on one side. All things I have to deal with and work through, because my five year old son needs me.

I hope to take him to the fair this weekend. Will go completely off the diet for that, oh yes. We typically visit half a dozen fairs, but our favorite is the Randolph fair, which is much, much more country than the others, and more like what I remember growing up. I mean, if there isn’t an actual animal auction going on and no tractor pull, it’s really not a fair. My cowboy boots wait all year for fair season, and they grow impatient.


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