It was a weekend

Yesterday was a really great day. I successfully ran the 5K on Put-in-Bay and I ran without stopping, didn’t fall down, break anything, or injure myself so bad I couldn’t walk afterwards, which was really my goal. While the official timed results are still pending, it appears I somehow managed to shave a full SEVEN MINUTES off of my time last year. Which is not all that surprising, given that this time last year, I hadn’t run a 5K for many, many years beforehand, and I’ve been running a little more regularly since then, as much as my various injuries allow – which is to say, no more than once a week, generally speaking, and no more than about 3 miles each time, if that. So yeah 7 minutes faster, and I am 12 pounds lighter this year as well, which is no small potatoes on a frame my size. A two-pound gain or loss can look huge when you are as short as I am. And if my clothes are any indicator (as I don’t step on a scale with any regularity), the weight loss is slowly continuing. Stress is great for this, apparently. I’ve also almost completely given up drinking of any kind at home, as I can’t really afford the alcohol and I don’t need the calories. The beer I had after the run yesterday just tasted that much better as a result.

It was almost unseasonably sunny and warm on the island. And in an almost unheard of event, a 133-foot yacht was docked there, and had been the talk of the town since it arrived a couple of days before with no clue as to who or why other than the Virgin Islands registration. I, of course, took this as a challenge, and once I had gotten showered, changed, and cleaned up after the race, I went and hung out near the ship until a guy appeared. He happened to be the captain, and he and I had a good long talk about all the places they’ve been over the last four months, about their recent stop in Cleveland, which led to a deep discussion about classic rock, so it was right in my wheelhouse. I talked to the guy for almost an hour but he never invited me on the ship and it felt really star-fuckery to ask, so I didn’t ask. I did come back a while later with a coup de grace I thought might get me on the ship – I brought the captain some truffles made at the island’s chocolate shop. I talked to the ship’s owner, who knew who I was because the captain obviously mentioned me to him, and he said cap wasn’t around but he would take them for me to give to him, but just then, cap came walking back down the dock, so I gave them to him. He offered me one and we talked some more about life and traveling and such. But no invitation on board. So it wasn’t meant to be. I was so close to that drinking champagne/bucket list thing I’ve been wanting to do. But it was cool to talk to him and learn about where all they had been. Some day. It was a great day on the island. I’m really starting to love visiting there, now that the season to visit is pretty much over.

It was an absolutely exhausting day in about 20 ways besides just running the race, and as the sun set behind me on my drive home, I felt like I could go right to sleep when I got home.

Today was not as good of a day. I had to talk with my son about some Serious Things. He is a good boy and so smart. I didn’t offer what he didn’t ask about and we moved on into the routine of our Sunday – cleaning chores and trying to go out to get some exercise, but he was too tired and touchy (emotional?) for a walk so we came home, had an early lunch and a much-needed nap together. When we got up, we went out to look at Halloween costumes and and I managed to convince him he should look at everything but not make a decision yet because it’s so early in the Halloween season and he might see something he likes more later. He agreed to wait if we could put up the Halloween decorations at home tonight, so we did that when we got home, and he was excited about doing that.

Me? It’s a hard day and I’ve been in tears three times. Days like this I’m really grateful for the acting tips I have that have helped me keep my composure around him, though they have been stretched to their limits. And for my friends, who have been surreptitiously keeping tabs on me. I feel their rising swell of support as bad times are close to cresting for me, and I hope I can allow them to carry me on their wave instead of crashing and drowning.


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