New normal night – Part A

I got a call from a number I didn’t recognize today. Sometimes, these are telemarketers so I didn’t pick up. Then the number called again but I was in a meeting. Turns out it was the school nurse, who left a message. D fell backwards off the bench in the lunchroom when lunch was almost over. He cried a lot but seemed fine. They observed him and iced the bump for 15 minutes or so and then examined him and asked him a series of questions, which he answered fine, so they sent him back to class. Days like this I’m glad my son’s teacher is young and mentally flexible enough to check email during the day, so I dropped her a quick note to let me know immediately if anything seemed off, like tired or vomiting or whatever. Then I felt guilty for not answering the phone, so that’s the end of not picking up strange calls. I hope the guy that was calling me for like three weeks trying to reach his uncle doesn’t start bugging me again. After the calls stopped, he texted me the next day, “Hey Unk” and I texted back, “Nope, still not your uncle.” He apologized and said he would delete the number.

I picked D up and he showed me what happened in the lunchroom, which was, once again, an accident as a result of clowning. This must be what Bill Murray and Steve Martin’s Mom’s felt like, I guess. Last week he kicked his new “girlfriend” (if you can have one when you’re 5) in the face when sliding into the rug for circle time, trying to make her laugh.

Came home, fixed dinner, looked at All The Artwork. Then it took us like 45 minutes to do two freaking parts of his homework, because when you’re 5 and it’s 6pm, you’re tired and it’s hard to focus, and this involved looking through magazines, cutting out pictures of things that started with a certain letter (I did the cutting, no kid scissors here and his cutting still sucks and I didn’t want to deal with the resultant flip-out if he cut through the hat or tent or whatever) and glueing them onto the homework page, then painstakingly writing each word, with me telling him how to spell each one. Then a bath, then I let him watch TV while I cleaned the kitchen, which looked like a cyclone hit it, and I had to sweep it and spot-mop it as well as it was a real mess. Then he wanted a snack, because the eating never seems to end. Finally a Richard Scarry book, where I pointed out words for him to try to read, which he seems to like even though it’s frustrating for him, and finally he was in bed. Then I had to lift, because it’s lifting night and who cares if you’re tired. I’m finally done and made a cup of mint tea and am going to relax and drink it, and then stretch and go to bed. I don’t think I can face the Greek lesson tonight. The print is so hard to read in the dim light of my bedside lamp, and I don’t feel like sitting in any more uncomfortable chairs and working anymore today, I’ve had quite enough of that.

I keep looking in on D to make sure he hasn’t thrown up or stopped breathing or something. What I would do if something happened to this child, I don’t even want to think about it.

I think the tinnitus/ringing in my ears is louder than ever. But perhaps it’s just the silence.


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