All, but not all

This past weekend was a whirlwind. Nothing went the way it was supposed to and I didn’t get a lot of things done that I needed to get done, but a million things happened anyway. There was a Comedy of Errors (except it wasn’t really funny until the next day) about needing a safety pin for my son’s swim trunks for swim class Saturday morning that probably had all of Fairview Park talking about the crazy woman in the black car who was sprinting through the aisles of stores and shoving people out of the way like a criminal in a 70s action movie. I thought D was getting sick at one point, but then he was fine. I managed to get not jut one but TWO like-new winter coats for him on consignment just in the nick of time as we experience the last few unusually warm days for this late in the season and, by the end of the week, will plunge down into 40s in the morning and 50s for the high.

I went for a hike, which was difficult. My left leg issue is pretty bad right now and every step is painful. Appointment with PM&R doc tomorrow to get an MRI scheduled. Someone somewhere has to be able to figure out what the hell is going wrong in there. It’s been three years now and it’s worse than ever.

I could have stayed home and cooked and cleaned Saturday but instead met a friend out, and we had a cocktail and a nice time, and later I finally got to watch one of the stack of Robin Williams movies that had been sitting around.

Sunday D and I took a lovely sunny drive to my hometown, where we met another friend for some lunch, and an afternoon of loosely-planned fun things. Took D to the orchard, where we got an enormous bag of apples (hello, applesauce, I will be making a lot of you), some local honey, which I really needed as I used the rest of mine making homemade granola, and the ubiquitous apple doughnuts they sell, which are so amazingly good but boy, I should not have bought so many of those as they are really hard to resist. And of course a trip to Grandpa’s cheesebarn, where we got a whole bunch of yummy stuff, some of which could be packed in his lunches. So it was sort of like getting the shopping done, what with apples and cheese and beef sticks, but not really.

It was the first weekend I can remember in a long time where I just didn’t bother too much about chores or shopping or cleaning and just kind of said fuck it, I’m going to see a couple of friends and have fun with my boy and try to go with the flow.


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