The shape I’m in

Fall is here, and it brings its usual problems – increased sinus problems for me (but hey, that lack of taste thing really helps in my continued weight loss quest) and arthritis flare in my hands. I can’t snap my fingers anymore when it gets to be this time of year. Maybe once, but not repeatedly. The ability comes back in the summer when my arthritis recedes, and goes away again in the fall. One year, it won’t come back in the summer. But I’m not exactly in danger of being in a fun jazz-dance video where I would need this ability.

I had to go to a really (personally) unpleasant event for work this past week. I won’t go into the details, but I did my job and made the best of it and managed to help not one but two old ladies to the bathroom who were most appreciative of my assistance, so I got to do my good deed for the day, which balanced out some of the unpleasant. I can’t really complain too much about the event. In general, one of the things I like a lot about my new job so far is that they don’t seem to come up with really large projects or major additions to my job description that are not anything I was hired to do, or know how to do, or for which I lack the desire to do, at all. I mean, yes, I had to go to an event for a few hours that wasn’t what I would personally choose to go to, but that type of thing is rare and not likely to happen again for a long time, and was actually related to my job and useful for me to be there for what I needed to get done. At my old job, about every 6 months or so, I’d be assigned a really big project or be given a whole new job assignment that I had to try to fit in and learn about in addition to my regular job. Like, we’re downsizing and we got rid of an entire sub-group in a completely different department, so now you have to do the work of these three specialists we got rid of, even though it doesn’t have anything to do with your job function and you don’t know how to do it or have time to do it. Or, we’re undertaking project X and you have to spearhead the project management of it, and “run interference” with all the players and schedule all the meetings and make sure everyone is turning things in on deadline. Or you have to join such and such sub-committee and they want you to do eleventy different things a month for the committee that have nothing to do with your job. I’m very glad not to have that here, at least thus far. There is no corporate-speak here. Nobody runs anything up the flagpole or tees up an idea.

About half the time on the way to work, I get to the downtown area and start going the “old way” to where I used to park for work, then I remember that I don’t work there anymore and change course. After more than 10 years there, it takes awhile for the mind to form new grooves and to remember to follow those grooves.

Laying down new grooves personally as well after similar period of time requiring new paths, though I can’t see the other side of those grooves yet. Keep digging, keep moving forward.

Today I am going to be the surprise “mystery reader” in my son’s class. He’s going to be pretty surprised, I bet. I hope it makes his day, as he could really use his day made this week, which has been a tough week for him. He’s excited that we are going on a playdate tonight right after school as well. Into the future. Carve those grooves.

I’m actually going to have people over for a Thanksgiving meal this year, which hasn’t happened in a very long time. It may have to be scaled down or have a potluck element, but it’s arguably my favorite holiday because COOKING ALL THE THINGS. I won’t be doing it right on Thanksgiving, but the day after, or even the Saturday after. Thanksgiving morning, I am hoping, hoping, hoping to be up doing the Turkey Trot with a bunch of other nutcases in the freezing cold. I’m getting an MRI of my leg in a couple of weeks; the results of which will probably determine whether or not running the TT is a really-fucking-stupid-maybe-impossible idea or just a kind-of-bad idea, and if it’s the latter, I will move forward. I went out and ran 3.2 miles last night at a pretty decent clip (for me) and I’m able to walk today, so that’s something.

I also had to get a new tote bag last night, as my old one is so, so close to having multiple simultaneous strap failure and the replacement bag I bought had straps that snapped within a week of using it. But the “new” one was 4 months old when I started using it, so I couldn’t take it back. I also bought myself a jaunty cap, and yes, it is very jaunty, and now I have a job where I can wear a jaunty cap ALL DAY and nobody will tell me I can’t, so I’m wearing it today, and an appropriately middle-aged cougar-type scarf – black and hot pink tiger print.

I think I threw out all my old, smaller pants. I need to dig those out.


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