A Bit Better

Last night went a lot better. D ate a very good dinner – in fact, he didn’t stop eating for basically an hour and a half. Yeah, he’s growing. He ate “dinner,” then second dinner (is he a Hobbit?), then dessert, then “snack,” then said he was still hungry. All told, 10 mini meatballs, about three cups of spaghetti, two cups (at least) of broccoli, applesauce, crackers, cheese…it went on and on. He’s FIVE. Jesus. I finally sautéed up all of the swiss chard for me, which was a LOT of swiss chard, even cooked down, and ate that and a some of the meatballs, which I will finish with today’s lunch, now that the cabbage is finally all gone. I think I’m finally getting on top of an adjusted amount to buy, cook and prepare so that there is enough food for the week, but not so much I’m throwing things out. And I don’t really need to buy anything for this coming week, since Prince Food Vacuum won’t be here, and I’m content with beans, eggs, whatever is around.

While I was cooking, I had the radio on and D came in the kitchen and was sort of dancing about. It was a slow song, I don’t even remember what ballad, maybe something by Chicago or Air Supply as I tend to listen to 70s schlock. I took his hands and had him stand on my shoes and we slow danced for a minute, me rocking back and forth and slowly twirling us around in the kitchen, which we have never done before. He held on to my legs, just tall enough now for me to kiss on top of his head while we were dancing, then we sat down and ate.

After dinner, he led me in yet another acting/dancing improv exercise that he has no idea is such a thing. He would do a combination of moves and noises, and I had to repeat. Then he’d move, I’d repeat. Sometimes it was funny. Sometimes it involved a leap. Sometimes you made a funny face and bent over. Sometimes you had to roll and stand up really quickly. This is not how a proper dentist behaves. But I got a little more exercise in, even though I worked out at lunch, and then even more as we had a “dance party,” first to Monster Mash and then to Can’t Touch This. I decided to let the dishes wait just a little bit while we watched some Looney Tunes cartoons, and then cleaned everything up and got him to bed. He did a lot better with the reading book I selected last night, which was all about a kid with a loose tooth. We achieved a little more balance between me helping him with words and him sounding words out and he was out almost as soon as I turned off the light.

There were a million more things to do, but I just didn’t feel like doing them. I had a nice glass of wine, did some stretching and watched my soap opera, while the cold wind and leaves blew outside my patio window. The acorns and oak leaves are dry now, ready for tomorrow night’s holiday activities – after what I expect will be a very cold, rainy Trick Or Treat and a hot cup of tea with whiskey, honey and lemon.


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