Roll Up For The Mystery Tour

It’s going to be an insane week. But first! Yesterday, I actually got to go to the movies AGAIN, TWICE in the same YEAR. It’s some kind of record, I swear. Other than when I obsessively saw LOTR:FOTR a record seven times IN the theaters when it came out way back in 2001, I don’t think I’ve seen the inside of a movie theater this often for a long while. I kind of like it. And it wasn’t even a fancy movie theater, with leather seats and liquor sales. I’m easy – just a little popcorn and dim the lights and let me tune out for a couple of hours. It’s like hypnotherapy or something. And I got to go see it with an old friend, to boot, and to discuss filmmaking and the business of working in a creative field, and acting and writing and other adult-brain things. Honestly it was pretty good for the old soul.

This morning, the frenzy has already begun around the PTA-provided dinners I am running tonight and Wednesday. It seems the advance work, which was done by another girl, has been rather scattered and insufficient, and so my day-of duties are already challenging. The past dinner organizer called me and almost had a stroke when I told her what time I was picking up the food, so she Fixed All That and is going to come up and help me set up at 1:00, since the other girl I’m planning the dinners with can’t be there until tonight (which is why she was to handle the pre-planning details – you do that part, I’ll do the leg work the day of the dinners). I’m only working half a day today and Wednesday to accommodate time to set up. Lunch? Probably not.

There’s also a planning meeting tonight at the school for the spring carnival. And the district’s school board is meeting there either tonight or wednesday, the night of the other dinner. And Market Day pickup is Wednesday. And the book fair is both nights. Suffice to say, if I see someone walking elephants through the school, I won’t be surprised since it’s going to be a bit of a circus.

Tomorrow, of course, is election day, and for SOME MYSTERIOUS REASON I did not get an application to vote by mail this time, which I have been receiving for many years. So I have to go in person. To a church, OF COURSE, as I have never voted anywhere else except various churches, because separation of church and state, oh wait no there isn’t.

And then the 2nd dinner on Wednesday. I have to bring a cooler for my Market Day stuff since who knows when I will be done with tear-down from the dinner. And Thursday night I have D. Friday night I am joining co-workers for happy hour to celebrate someone’s birthday. And Saturday I’m supposed to go out with a girlfriend.

And now I’m trying to write up questions to ask a professional millwright. On very little sleep and a lot of coffee.

I’m already so tired.


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