Teachers rock

Ok. Her previous propensity (now quelled) to give out junky snacks notwithstanding, THIS is why I love my son’s teacher, why teachers are heroes to me, and why what they do means so, so much to me. It’s part of why I’m proud to be on the PTA, as everything we do augments and supplements their efforts. They are taking care of our kids all day. In charge of their little brains, their safety, and as we know, some teachers in some schools have literally laid down their lives for students. Heroes. Kindergarten teachers are a special breed, dealing with the very youngest “real” students, also dealing with bathroom accidents, nosebleeds (my son is prone to them), a lot of crying, and trying to keep all those kids from getting each other sick. And while you’re at it, here, learn ALL OF THE THINGS – how to read, write, color in the lines, add and subtract and everything else.

D was sent home yesterday morning with pink eye, which two other kids in the room have, so no big surprise. Got to the doc, got drops, he’s doing better, but per doc and school regs, he is not going back until tomorrow (Friday). Yesterday at home with me, he was so stressed ALL DAY about all the work he was missing in Mrs. T’s class. I really do not know where he gets this. I have never pressured him about this, I don’t approach school work that way and certainly his father doesn’t either, and it’s KINDERGARTEN for God’s sake, it’s not that important. It’s not like if he misses a couple of days a school he will never pass the SAT. But try telling him that. His teacher often reports to me how very, very hard he works on trying to get things right. Yesterday he only got one piece of work done before he was sent home, which we reviewed. It included having to write out/spell three different words that were pictured on the paper. One was “raccoon.” Seriously, I know ADULTS who can’t spell raccoon right, it’s no big deal that he got it wrong. And “snake” was another, which is pretty difficult for a 5-year-old. “Mom, are these right?” Well, you got one of them exactly right, the other two are very close. He made me tell him what the correct spelling was and went and got a pencil and meticulously erased the wrong letters and wrote in the right ones. On work nobody else was ever going to see again. Seriously, who gives a shit, right? But he does, he really does. He asked me like four times about the work he would be missing and whether or not it would be in his mailbox or not and WHEN would he have TIME to make up the work, and on and on. This is where I start to wonder whose kid he is, for real. When he found out at the doctor’s that he would have to miss a second day, I told him I would email his teacher and find out what the plan was. He wanted me to specifically tell her that he didn’t want to not do the work, he wanted to make sure he got the work everyone else did and was all oy, but when will I do it, maybe over at Dad’s, which is where he spent today because I couldn’t take off another day. So I emailed her and she got back to me this morning and said seriously, it’s no big deal, tell him not to worry about it, etc.

Late morning, she sent him a special message:

Good Morning D,
I am happy to hear that you are able to stay home and rest so you feel better! I just wanted to let you know that any of the work we are doing, I am putting in your mailbox and you can take it home with you over the weekend. If you have time, you can complete it at home or even next week. We will not have homework next week since we only have 2 days of school with Thanksgiving Break. And D… you are a little “smartie” and I know that if you don’t feel well enough to complete our work pages, it is OK. You work so hard and do your BEST at school. It is OK to need a break once in a while and take care of you so that you are healthy. We all miss you at school and can’t wait to see you back at school-
Love, Mrs. T : )

I cried. For real.


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