2015: Year of Weird Dance?


I had to go to an offsite meeting this morning to talk about thousand-pound (lifting capacity) crawler cranes, so no morning blog this morning, I blogged the second half of lunch. I worked out the first half, which I really didn’t intend to do, as I think running eight miles this past weekend is quite enough working out for the next few days, but the heat was off in my office all morning. In fact, it’s still off, but at least someone is here now, trying to figure out what’s going on. And I have a space heater and a warm coat, so I persevere.

The temp asked today if she could go to the gym in our building with me some time. I explained how it’s very industrial and in the basement, and desolate because nobody is ever there, mostly, except me. It didn’t scare her off, which is too bad as this will put a real cramp in my new year’s resolution to sing whenever I feel like it. In addition to a heavy weight lifting session, I also danced in front of the gym mirror to “No Parking On The Dance Floor” by Midnight Star, because I felt like it. Like full-out dork dancing, such that I was laughing at myself because of how ridiculous I looked. I may just dance anyway when she’s there. Or, after her telling me she’s a coffee snob because she lived in Seattle, and then pulling out a bag of FLAVORED COFFEE she brought in to work, I may murder her with a hand weight when we’re down there. TIME WILL TELL.

Little Boy Bones is settling in for the week. He’s always testy at the hand-off and it takes a bit for him to adjust, which is normal. I picked him up last night directly after attending calling hours for a friend’s dad, and he argued with me the whole way back to my place about how everything I said was was stupid, wrong, or had to do with butts, which is his favorite word to work in to any conversation. But I fixed his wagon. I put on Looney Tunes so I could get his dinner together. I knew I’d have to move quickly to get food in front of him since I was picking him up late and he was already hungry, so I cooked ahead and just reheated him a plate. After a balanced meal, he was already doing better. Then I joined him with my dinner and he complained, “Aww, I didn’t get any sautéed mushrooms!” Words that would never, ever have come out of my mouth as a kid. Sometimes this kid amazes me. So he had a dessert of two cookies leftover from our last visit to Gentile’s bakery, and then a bunch of sautéed mushrooms. Then he said he was hungry for something different, so I gave him some of the little Horizon organic cheese sandwich crackers I buy sometimes, and I finally tried a couple, as I’ve never even tasted them. They were damned good and I ended up eating a handful of them, which is NOT part of my 2015 weight loss plan, but fuck it. Kids’ cheese crackers and cheap wine – ah, the glamorous life.

Then we watched the rest of the Kennedy Center honors, which was mostly the Sting segment. He bopped around the room to the various snippets of Police music and then when Bruno Mars started, he kept saying c’mon mom, let’s dance! So I got up and joined him, giggling and laughing jamming in our weird.

It’s amazing what a little time, a good meal and some exercise can do for a kid. No arguments during teeth brushing, and he let me read him a Superman book that’s still a little out of his reach as a reader, but won’t be for long. He slept all night long without a peep.

It was an angst-ridden day for me yesterday in a lot of ways; my friend’s family drama and a somewhat weird scene at the funeral home, and then personal angst thinking about my future. The evening with my boy was just what I needed. Well, I also needed a back rub and some really nice wine besides the crap I bought on sale, but it was good enough, and that’s all I needed.

Rehearsal tonight for a podcast I’ve been cast in. To be in a performance space with other actors makes me feel very happy at my core. It’s contrasted with knowing how I’ve missed my boy the last week and tonight he has to spend the evening with a sitter and I won’t see him until morning. But we will dance tomorrow night. And do homework and read books. Maybe we’ll both get a bath, as I know he’ll need one and I’ll be sore as fuck from today’s workout. Yeah.


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