You say it’s your birthday?

So many birthdays today and this week. Wow I know a lot of Aquarians. Yay, us. Mine was today.

I think perhaps that some people find birthdays to be a bigger deal for adults than I do. I mean, I’m all for important days – the big 4-0 or 5-0 or whatever, or important milestones. Or birthdays that you thought you might not get to celebrate, because maybe the year before was fraught with hardship and illness. I mean, I like being celebrated, but it’s not THAT big of a deal. My Mom and I have always gone out to dinner for my birthday but I think it’s rarely to never been on the ACTUAL day – the point is to celebrate, and we try to make a point to do that, even if it might not happen until March. I guess the date itself does not hold that much special meaning for me.

That being said, they do a little birthday thing for people at my new job, which is nice. You get to have lunch ordered in from pretty much any restaurant you want, as long as they’re not ridiculously expensive or ridiculously far. People get you little presents; a bottle of wine, some scratch-off lottery cards, maybe a gift card here and there. This is much nicer than anything they did at my last place, where the summation of your birthday was a mention in the next weekly department conference call where the birthdays and work anniversaries since the last meeting were rotely announced to a lot of stilted, polite responses. “Wow, 10 years here already, that’s, wow.” “Oh, your birthday was last Friday?” “A-yep.” So, yes, this was nicer. A lot nicer.

I didn’t get a whole lot of work done today. I’m getting my arms around a huge website project and my brain is overloaded with information that I’ve been researching about this association and its hundred of member groups. It’s starting to dribble into buckets and then you turn the crank and content comes out onto the page, but it’s a slow process, especially when you have a big lunch and are logy in the afternoon.

But some people were all, “Hh my gosh, you didn’t take the day off? I always take the day off.” Frankly, I’d rather take off a sunny, beautiful, 80-degree day a few times a year WHENEVER I FEEL LIKE IT and whenever the forecast looks favorable than get some snowy, freezing cold weekday off each year, when everyone I know is working and there’s nobody to play with anyway. Other friends left sprightly messages singing Happy Birthday to me, which is a little odd to me since I’m not wearing a pointy hat and blowing out candles anymore, but it’s nice to be remembered. My sister and I always send each other The Most Amazing e-Card Ever Made on our respective birthdays, which is always good for a laugh, especially when I get to show it to people who haven’t seen it before. And I like all the electronic love – tweets and texts  – even that text that came in at 5:45 a.m. (and yes, I was up) and a billion Facebook posts. That’s kind of cool, like all these people took a second and thought of me today, and that’s awesome.

I was supposed to go out for dinner but plans got cancelled and instead I stayed in with my son. We stopped at the store after I picked him up from school and he selected some gross looking little molten lava cake (I am not a desserts person) and we ordered pizza and watched TV and hung out. I was still full from the burger lunch so I had one piece of pizza and picked at my salad and that was more than I even wanted to have. I will have the salad for breakfast.

Pushing the boulder uphill. I think I’m finally ready to do the taxes, and have carved out time on the calendar for that. I’ve at least made some inquiries about the PTA conference night dinners, and one woman is stepping up to help with the 2nd of those dinners so a bit of relief there, though nothing is really booked yet. Another PTA lady did take an inventory for me of what we have and what we need, and made a suggestion as to what to ask each grade’s parents to send in – so much of what we do is based on donations and volunteers, it’s amazing. And there is a tiny bit of financial relief on the horizon, that hopefully will make it so that I am not living on peanut butter and the last of those shriveled carrots in the veg bin the last three days before payday each month, so that will be a bonus and should be in place before the end of the month. I always make sure I have plenty of food for D when he is here, but in the off weeks when I do not have him, I just find it almost unnecessary to spend the money to feed myself. Mostly because all that’s left after his week here is dribs and drabs that I’m too tired to try to come up with a meal around, or a lot of carbs that I don’t want to eat as I’m trying to maintain my weight loss and take it further, not gain back what I’ve lost.

I have completely slacked all week on working out. Working lunches (or networking, just as important) every single day this week at work so no lunchtime workouts, and I did yoga for an hour one night but that was IT, too tired or stressed or whatever to get anything else done this week, tonight included. It was too icy to run last weekend and I didn’t want to push my luck, so I’ve basically done no cardio for two weeks, discounting the 15 minutes I was able to get in on the treadmill here at the apartment complex before the old supervisor bitch threw us out because apparently no well-behaved kids who sit on the floor and play quietly with their action figures are allowed in there when it’s deserted and two in the afternoon, but whatever. It is SUPPOSED to be up to 40 some time this weekend. I am hoping it is in the Sunday portion of the weekend, post-10:00 a.m., when my time is once again my own, and I have gotten into a decent habit of running through the hole that is left in my heart when I turn D over to his father for the week. I work through some shit on those runs. I need them.

Tomorrow, we’re supposed to head to a farm where I buy my meat when I can, and maybe fill in with a few more groceries from the nearby grocery I frequent. Then maybe some cooking for the week ahead, maybe not; again, without D, I’m not into having some elaborate and balanced meal every night. There’s a free showing of some Pixar movie at the rec center tomorrow night, I may see if D wants to take a couple of chairs up there and watch it.

“Got any big plans for the birthday weekend?” I was asked multiple times today. Well, I had a very nice day today, I hope to also have a nice day tomorrow, and an active and busy day Sunday. That’s a pretty good weekend, if you ask me.


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