Grinding through the week

Can’t believe this week is only halfway over. Sometimes I am really grateful that I made the effort to cook ahead and have things to simply reheat and eat for dinner, and tonight was one of those nights. A delicious pot roast, which my son will at least try and eat a couple of ounces of now, whereas when he was younger, he wouldn’t even touch it. I roasted and ate an ENTIRE head of cauliflower with salt, pepper, olive oil and parmesan. Simple and delicious. D had leftover broccoli and leftover elbow macaroni with generous butter and salt – kid food. I made us both some peppermint tea to have after dinner though he didn’t drink all of his, and a big fruit salad with bananas, oranges and kiwi and it really hit the spot.

I had a stressful day. Am waiting for test results, which is always tension-inducing. I also had to go to a pretty important meeting with someone from work and walk through pages and pages of text I wrote for this company’s new website with their representative, so making a good impression and hoping I’d hit the mark with this drafted text was important. I think I did very well and the guy seemed very pleased. After my medical test, I had to make about eleventy billion phone calls and try to get various shit straightened out with bills. Such a pain. And the to-do list is ever-changing and growing. I still haven’t had my car touched up where that guy scraped into it a few weeks ago. I think I’m dropping an item from the list I just don’t have time for, making a video for a retiring college professor of mine. Sometimes, things have to be cut. And oh the goddamned city tax agency, I have to call them and ask for help filling out their stupid fucking form and figure out how I am going to pay them all the money I owe as my job screwed up and didn’t take city tax out all last year and I didn’t know it until I sat down to file. Yes, my fault, I should have checked. But I didn’t, and so now, the piper must be paid.

Planning a long run with an old friend Sunday as it is going to be a heatwave, supposedly getting up to 35. I’m hoping the goddamned path is cleared enough to run on as running in the road is a little terrifying, but I can’t stay away from it any longer, it’s been like two weeks at least and I miss it. Will be three on Sunday, I think, since my last long run. My wheeze seems to have been gone and is staying gone so back at it. I need the adrenaline and the outside.

I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on extra day care for my kid because of his school closing for the cold. I can bitch about it, but that doesn’t make it any better or different. “If you can’t fix it, you gotta stand it.”


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