Ramble on

The PTA dinners are tonight and Wednesday. I will be on my feet serving people food, cleaning and running around for probably eight or nine hours both days, reminding me how glad I am I don’t work in restaurants anymore, and renewing my ever-present appreciation for those who do. So those are squared away and hopefully will run as smoothly as possible. Tip your servers, people, and hug a chef. Hard working people, those.

It was a busy and rich weekend with a lot of high points. I feel like I got a lot done, including the quality time I’ve been carving out a place for in my life, which makes me feel renewed. The sun was shining so hard this morning on my way to work, I didn’t even mind the traffic, nor the two times I almost slid into other cars or into intersections as the roads were so slick. I didn’t hit anything, so that’s one in the win column.

This week I’ll also photograph, price and describe all the crap I have pulled together that I want to sell on resale boards online. Mostly my kid’s old clothes and toys, but a few other things I’ve come across while I’ve been redding up closets and storage (yep, I’m from central Ohio, and we red things up). It’s amazing the amount of crap you can accumulate even in a small apartment, and it feels good to get rid of things and make some space. I’m hoping to get everything posted and described in the next week or two and maybe make a few bucks selling stuff. If nobody bites and nothing sells, it will all go to the Goodwill. I’m just done having the clutter around, mentally and literally.

I also want to finish my taxes this week, as I have the horrible city tax thing to deal with. And the legal paperwork is nearing its end, I just need to find a notary and then go down to court to attempt to file everything. When you have to do all this stuff yourself, there’s really no good way to know if you have everything you need until you get down there. But I hope to have all that done within the next week or so. I pick up D Friday evening and can’t wait to see his little bones again. He’s got some really complex thoughts going now. We went to a gentrified neighborhood Saturday and I described to him how investors and realtors and the government had poured a lot of money into the area and now it’s really making a comeback. I teach him what I know, as often as I can. I don’t want him to just ride around in the back seat and not know what’s happening in life. Every trip or errand is an opportunity to share something with him that I know, that I hope will help him as he grows up. He doesn’t always listen completely, and he doesn’t always understand, but it’s what I have to share, and I’m sharing it. Maybe my Dad didn’t have much to teach me but the low ball, the high ball, and the bait-and-switch on a used car lot, but he shared what he could, and that’s what I’m doing.

Breaking up the snow and ice in my mind and heart is an ongoing process that should result in a complete thaw by Spring’s official arrival, which is so close I can’t believe it. Ostara is an important holiday for me since it’s about rebirth and welcoming back the light and life of the earth as it reawakens, and this year will be particularly poignant that way for me on a personal level. I am positive and happy when I think about my future, and I haven’t felt that way in a really long time. I’m on the cusp of putting so much garbage behind me in terms of paperwork and stress, and am really excited about the rest of 2015, and beyond.

My best friend in the whole world will be here in 11 days. I can’t wait to show here a few things I love about Cleveland and I know we are going to have a blast.

Ramble on, readers. Spring is almost here.


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