In springtime, the only pretty ring time

So, that really cool thing you saw on Pinterest about making a paste with baking soda to clean the inside of your oven overnight works, but yeah, this is not a good idea to try during the week unless you want to be in your work clothes, running late, scrubbing dripping brown shit out of every crevice at 6:30 a.m. Schooled.

I know we will be drawn back down into Persephone’s world now and again throughout March, but the warmer temperatures and sunshine have been a really welcome change these past few days. Spring is definitely on its way and I think it’s going to be a really lovely one. My mind is absolutely frantic with writing ideas and I feel like I’m spending my entire day trying to figure out ways to find more time to write in my free time. Shit is coming at me fast and furious and I just want to grab ahold of the horse’s neck and hang on while all this stuff comes out of my brain and out my hands. There are quite literally not enough hours in the day for me, and I’m making myself go to sleep at a much later hour than is wise for a work night, because I need to shut shit off and rest.

Progress continues with my 2015 resolutions. I think I’ve lost a couple more pounds, which is probably all muscle as I haven’t had a ton of time to dedicate to working out for the past few weeks, but it still counts as the scale going in the down direction, which is what I want. Keep going down, little scale needle. I’ve also made arrangements for two trips in response to my “travel more” resolution. One of them is a big trip for me. A flight, and I am the world’s worst flyer. I’m the one that the flight attendants give candy and teddy bears to like a little kid because I’m crying at the thought of the plane going down and never seeing my son again. I’m going out to LA to stay with a friend for a week, and to visit some other friends, as I have several out there now who are making their way in that city of smog, palm trees, the concrete, plasticine jungle. I have unfinished mental business to contend with out there as well, business that has been put off for far too long and which needs resolved. Physical places that caused me pain that I need to visit in order to move through and past that pain so that they no longer haunt me. Places that make me feel healed in my soul, happy to be alive and to experience another world so much different than my own, where I can pretend for a few minutes that I belong on that porch in the sun, with a dog nearby and breakfast being served to me while I write on what’s left of my laptop’s battery next to mountains and flowers. People that I long to see who I have not seen in much too long a time. So it will be a big deal, and complicated, and fun and also scary. I can’t say I’m looking forward to the flight, but I am looking forward to the trip. Get me some In N Out Burger straight away and take me to Topanga and I can be healed.

I’ve also decided to take my son on his first spring break trip. We’re going to Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor, which has probably never been anyone’s spring break destination, ever. But he’s a junior foodie, my kid, and we have looked at pictures on Pinterest and I think he might dig it. He might not think that much of it, but it’s still making memories and is a short little road trip that should be fun. I want to take him to the roadhouse for dinner one night, and hit the creamery and bakery, not just the deli.

With those two trips, April is going to be pretty busy, and that’s ok. This is the kind of busy I wanted to be this year. There will be more trips. Yep. I’m done sitting around while life passes me by.

Got some new running shoes, and they are burning a hole in the box. But my best friend in the whole world arrives in two days, and we have some major shit to get up to, and it doesn’t include running, so the shoes will have to wait until next week, and even then it will be treadmill, as I have my son next week and am not paying for a sitter just so I can go out running.

The BFF and I have long-overdue angst, joy and deviousness that needs catharsis and resolution. She’s had a rough last year like I have, and being together is really one of the only things that makes us both feel like we’re ok, still alive, we made it and we’re still doing a great job and not just complete failures as women, mothers, employees, girlfriends, whatever.  We are pretty good at wringing every drop of life out of each moment we get to hang out together, so it should be wicked good.

In that weird intersection of work and life, I’m taking part in a shoot for an industrial video today for my job. Something for which I used to contract out as an actor, and now I’m working for the company that’s doing the video and saying a few lines to avoid having to hire someone like me, ha. My network of theater/creative friends came through in record time yesterday in getting me a companion actor for the small scene we are in together. I asked, and within an hour had an actor to do the scene with me. Sometimes having a local network really comes in handy, and makes me feel a strong sense of community and partnership that makes me proud that I’ve slogged it out all these years in Cleveland, which can be a hard place to live. You have to be tough to live here, but the payoff can be rewarding as hell.


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