Wrung out

Dropped BFF at the airport, soon she will be back in her sunny, warm, Florida home from out of our cold, gray Cleveland skies. It was an exhausting but much-needed weekend on both our parts. I’m so tired I said to her this morning at breakfast, “Some actor must have died, everyone keeps posting about Caesar.” #duh #March15

When your best friend lives several states away and neither of you have a ton of money for travel, you don’t see each other that often in person. So this was a great and fun trip, and at a time both of us really needed the other’s emotional support, friendship, understanding and love. We tore up the town, eating and drinking all of the good things Cleveland has to offer. She couldn’t believe how many people I knew when we went places, how good the food was, how cheap everything was and how friendly strangers were on the streets. She left a credit card at a bar and I contacted the owner, and within a couple of hours he confirmed they had it and would hold it for me. My chef and bartender friends took great care of us, instantly welcoming her as any friend of mine is a friend of theirs, accommodating our special orders and late-night, last-minute food requests without a grumble, but instead with warm and welcoming attitudes. One chef even had to run off some bums who were getting too physical and friendly with us at the bar. We got to see some friends of mine in a hilarious show they’re doing in beautiful Playhouse Square, and I gave her an informal driving tour of our grittier, rust belt underbelly – our iron bridges that majestically raise and lower their bridges for ship traffic on the Cuyahoga river, bridge construction with cranes everywhere, some of our cooler but still edgy neighborhoods. Without intending to, I was a one-person ambassador for Cleveland this weekend, and I’m pretty sure I sold her on how awesome it is here if you do the work to make it that way. It doesn’t shine and sparkle, but it has a warm heart beneath the cold, gray exterior and hands that reach for you, hold you up and carry you through wherever you go.

We’ve both been through an emotional wringer the past year and so the trip also had a lot of moments of catharsis that only best friends can really accept and understand in the other. We needed it. There was a lot of crying, yelling, laughing, drinking and angst. I’m worn out and feel empty.

Bones is here now, slowly working to fill me back up. And coffee. Lots of coffee.


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