As I look into your eyes I see the sunrise

I, for one, am thankful to that beast Daylight Saving Time that everyone has been bitching about, for this morning’s glorious sunrise. As I drove to work today, I think I saw every color in the rainbow appearing before me, stretched out across the Lorain-Carnegie bridge as its stone sentries stood guard over downtown. It was amazing. And the music on the radio was just right today, one great song after another. Spencer Davis Group, some rare Hendrix. On the way to school, flipping through channels, my son said, “Wait, Mom, I like that song.” It was “For What It’s Worth” by Buffalo Springfield. Win.

We did not get his homework done on time, for the first time ever. He usually has until Friday to turn it in, but there is no school tomorrow. We tried, we really did. But with three different packets, multiple pages that needed cutting and glueing of small pieces, and multiple story problems, the kid was just too tired between the hours of 6:00 and 7:30 every night this week to get more than a page or two done. Last night, the sitter came. She is a first-grade teacher and I left notes about where we were in each of the three packets and asked her to do her best to get done what they could. You know, after dinner, and cleaning up the kitchen, and bath. There’s just not enough time, and not enough energy. Maybe when he is older he can do stuff like this in after care, but I would rather he be playing (and later, exercising) during that time. Ugh. The sitter could not believe how much work he has. The kids in her school don’t get nearly the amount he has, nor the level of complexity. She calculated by page how many minutes per day a kid that age would have to spend, and it was something like 20 minutes per evening if you had all 5 days to complete it AND could pay complete attention and work quickly and studiously during those 20 minutes. Which my kid cannot, after a full, tiring day and into the evening. Let alone completing that in three days, which is too much math for me to figure out, something like more than a half hour of dedicated, studious time. My kid does not have much more than about 5-10 minutes of dedicated, studious time on a weeknight. He doesn’t have an attention problem, he’s five, and tired.

I plan to email the teacher and simply say we didn’t get it done. If we had one more day, we might have been able to, but we just couldn’t, it was too much work and we will turn it in on Monday.

I was off doing a theater thing last night, which was really refreshing in a number of ways. I was cast against type, which is always a challenge, and the kind of challenge I like, especially if I succeed with it. It was a seated/staged reading of a new, short play that a friend has written, and she sought me out specifically for the part, which was extremely flattering. We had no time to rehearse. I only got the script via email a few days ago, and have spent my evenings since either working with my son on his schoolwork or working on deciphering my legal paperwork, which continues to plague and haunt me. I had a nightmare about the latter last night that was palpable and disturbing. If I can’t get this shit done soon, I really may lose my mind.

So the play, and the actor opposite me, whom I had never met. I introduced myself and we spent a few spare moments sitting next to each other before the evening of short plays started, so that I could get a physical sense of him and how he moved, and connect a little. He probably just thought I was being weird, and I guess I am weird, but I think it worked. We connected very well in the piece and it was understated and painted interesting pictures with the words, and the small but mighty audience was complimentary in the talk-back session immediately following. One woman asked for my card because she wants to use me in a reading next week, in a part even less my “type” than this one, which is exciting and challenging. Card? I have no card. I haven’t had a card of any kind for a long time. Are these still relevant? Instead, I took her phone number and texted her, and she emailed me the script late last night. So networking and all that, which is really cool, since this was a space I have not performed in before in any fashion, and these people do not know me or my work at all, save my friend who wrote and cast me, and a couple of other actors I saw that I knew.

I networked during the day as well yesterday. Trying to make different and better opportunities happen, and to leverage this great group of connections I have in a goal of bettering my life. 2015 continues to bring change, and I am doing my best to roll with it.

Despite the 30 degree temp this morning, the sunshine and the impending high of near-60 drove me to wear a minidress today. Hey, if I’m going to play a teenager next week, I may as well dress like one.

Stretching my wings. They are larger, more full than ever before. Can you hear them beating?


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