Just a box of rain, I don’t know who put it there

It rained the whole way to Michigan on Thursday. Which is fine. I watch forecasts, and expected it. We were still a good 45 minutes away though when I pointed out to D the black band of clouds ahead, and said that surely meant we were going into a much bigger rainstorm than what we’d been driving through thus far. It was pretty bad. A few people pulled over, and everyone else pulled single file into the middle lane of the turnpike because all you could see, if you can call it seeing, was the dim light of the taillights ahead of you. D was scared, and I acted nonplussed – the acting degree really comes in handy sometimes. Fortunately, it only lasted a few minutes and then it was back to normal rain, which pretty much slowed down to a steady sprinkle by the time we got to Ann Arbor.

We went straight away to the hotel. D loves to stay in hotels, as kids tend to do. We dropped our stuff off and headed for Zingerman’s, which was only a five-minute drive. I have been there once before, but it was several years ago and I wasn’t there for very long so it wasn’t really very familiar until we got inside. D loved it. He oohed and aahed over every food thing he saw, particularly cheese and baked goods. He sampled all the olive oils and vinegars they had out, and insisted I buy a box of macaroon cookies, even though he historically has claimed never to like them, saying he doesn’t like coconut. Over that, I guess, as he ate almost all the samples of them that were out. He tried all the cheese samples they offered us and directed one of the counter people to EXACTLY the type of salami he wanted from the half-dozen or so kinds they offer. We loaded up our overflowing basket. A loaf of delicious sourdough, some fancy jam he selected, the salami, some bacon, a couple kinds of cheese. Then we stood in line and ordered sandwiches, which was really overkill after all the samples. Neither of us was super hungry, but it was more for the experience than anything.

We hit a few of the other Zingerman’s outposts and then headed to the nearby children’s science museum, a very hands-on place great for little kids. A lot of it was over his head, but he had fun with it anyway. We helped a lost little boy find his mommy, which I felt great about, and I caught some lazy pig father taking a picture of my ass with his cell phone, sitting on the couch while his woman and children were running around seeing stuff. Not the time or place for a confrontation, so I just let him know I was on to him with my look and that I thought he was disgusting. He looked bored.

We went back to the hotel and put our stuff in the little fridge and then changed and went out to Z’s Roadhouse for dinner. He was pretty well behaved considering the long day, mostly in the car, and the stress of traveling, and we actually had a really nice time. I let him stay up way, way too late and stayed up even later than too late myself, but hey, spring break.

It was really chilly the next day, and I wished I had a sweater instead of just the t-shirts and light jacket I had packed. D, whose engine burns at a thousand calories a minute, was just fine and I could barely get him to wear a sweatshirt the whole trip. It was raining off and on but it cleared up as we left, and stretched into a gorgeous, if cold day for the drive back. I was exhausted and felt sick from eating too much the day before, and earnestly wished I had someone to shoulder the load with on a morning like that one. But I got it done.

Today we had to do a lot of cleaning and a couple of errands. I got D to help sweep the kitchen floor and he helped a little with the laundry and with taking out the trash. And I took him to a playground, so the day wouldn’t be a complete bust in the fun department. His latest rejection of my suggested career of dentist for him has resulted in him claiming he wants to be a surfer. He knows nothing about surfing. So we watched some surfing videos on youtube.

He no longer wants to be a surfer.

We took a too-long, too-late nap. I got some news after I woke up that reminded me we’re all hanging on to the lifeboat for dear life at times, and and the times I have coming up require me to lean hard on those closest to me, drawing them ever closer lest I topple over. I am grateful for the support. I am terrible at asking for help. It embarrasses me and makes me feel like a loser. But I can ask, if the people have proven themselves to me to be those who will help, unquestioningly and without judgment, in whatever way I need. And I need, I need.


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