Night Divides The Day

Warmer weather makes me move around more, which is a good thing. I didn’t get everything done I wanted to last week when I was off with D, but I got some important things done and am on my way to more important things getting done.

I finally broke down and bought a whole bunch of “new” pants from the Goodwill. I’ve run out of pants to wear to work now that summer is here and it isn’t really leggings and motorcycle boots season anymore. I got a bunch of pants that actually fit and look great.

I intend for those pants not to fit by the time next summer rolls around, but we’ll see how that goes.

I’m preparing a slightly crazy performance art piece proposal to submit to a local theater, and had to dig up my theater resume, which is several years out of date. I haven’t been in a full-length show since I got pregnant 7 years ago, and shared custody being what it is, the odds of me being able to commit to 5-6 nights a week for rehearsal for a month, followed by a 3-4 night a week run for two or three weeks are slim to none. But I did fill in the gaps as to what I have been able to do in the interim, which is a lot of benefit performances, staged readings, shorter, one-weekend things with only a couple of rehearsals, and my monthly participation in Dark Room at CPT, which keeps my acting muscles somewhat in shape, I like to think.

I don’t know when the last time was I updated that resume, but it was at least 7 or 8 years ago. The weight on it is no longer accurate. I now weigh less than I did like 8 years ago, which is odd to contemplate. 10 more pounds and I will be at my goal weight. Slow and steady wins the race.

Speaking of races, I’m about 90% sure I’m going to Put-in-Bay very, very early Sunday morning to participate in the Pyrate run as my 2nd of 5 planned races this summer. There’s a pirate fest going on all weekend, which doesn’t so much interest me, but the run benefits the island’s hospice house, and that’s good and difficult work, for which I’m glad to lend my support via the registration fee. Plus I’ll get my 2nd run in, which will make me feel like I’m actually possibly going to be able to  reach my goal before the end of the year.

In the meantime, more discipline is needed. More non-running exercise, so I don’t get worn down – doing better with that, finally. I think I’ve adjusted to the warmer temperatures and have found my groove. If I’m going to get this performance art piece proposal done, I need to finish hammering out the details and submit it. The piece is part of a larger proposal that I’ll be submitting to a cable network as a TV series idea, which is even crazier than the  performance art piece I’m considering.

Time to break some boundaries, get some shit done. Would be nice to have some company. I miss the boy. His first week at camp and it’s raining all week. I hope he’s ok. It’s hard not knowing all the time. The apartment feels very empty.


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