My will will harbor no pain

Last week with the boy was trying. Camp is (thankfully) making him very, very tired by the end of the day, so he’s testy in the evenings and more disagreeable than usual. We didn’t get much reading done, he was too tired come bed time. Mostly he got up to mischief all week. Breaking stuff, getting into things he’s not supposed to, jumping off furniture. It was just like every time I turned around he was doing something that caused me injury or stress – stepping on my foot, throwing something at me, ripping the light cord from the ceiling fan, spilling coffee all over my electronics. Our energy was just not in synch. But we did have some good times. It took two nights and a lot of urging but I finally got him to watch the Muppet Movie. He doesn’t want to watch ANYTHING that isn’t animated these days, but he was too tired to protest too much, and quoted the movie throughout the week, which was funny. He says he wants to go as Animal for Halloween. I imagine he will forget about it by the time fall rolls around, but you never know what will stick in his little brain.

His Dad picked him up early so they could go to a family birthday party, enabling me to be able to run a race downtown in the evening. This was my 2nd 5K of the year, part of my goal to run 5 races this calendar year. It poured in the morning, with terrible thunder and lightning, but cleared just enough by race time. I was going to run anyway, as long a as it wasn’t dangerous, but running in heavy, pouring rain is miserable, and running in lightning & thunder can be dangerous. So I was nervously watching the skies as I paced around Ohio city, impatient for the race to start. It didn’t really rain again until right after the race ended.

Perhaps due to the bad weather, perhaps because the racers appeared to be heavily geared towards the young, hipster type, but turnout didn’t seem huge, and a good portion of those who showed up were walkers. I really wasn’t feeling like running but I paid my registration fee and I just wanted to get it done. I knew I wouldn’t be particularly fast since I haven’t run in a week and have been having some aches & pains, so when everyone took off at incredible speeds at the beginning, I just sort of hung back and tried to find my own pace, as people streamed by me en masse. When I got to the first mile marker, which seemed like FOREVER, and they called out the times, I was shocked. I was going much faster than I thought, and I needed to dial it back or I was going to completely run out of energy in another mile. I thudded along the potholed, patched streets and found a couple of people to pace. I had a surprise cheering section of a small group of friends along the way, which was really amazing. I’ve never had anything like that before and now I want it every time, ha. It gave me energy to keep going and do my best. So when I saw the 3rd mile marker finally approaching and we rounded the corner into the market district, I went full out and sprinted all the way to the finish.

I placed 3rd in my age class. A first for me. I got a little medal and everything. Had I not pushed at the end, I wouldn’t have placed; the woman who came in 4th was only 15 seconds behind my time. I was sure there could have only been 3 in my age group and that’s why I placed, but when results were posted, I found there were 12 total older ladies like me, so that was cool.

I celebrated with a very expensive bourbon and some delicious food, came home and watched a movie and went to bed. It was a good day, and I got the cobwebs out of my brain, body and soul.

Sunday, a friend came over with a truck and helped me declutter and fix some things. It is good to have friends like this. The broken ceiling fan pull chain, my son’s bedroom window, which I couldn’t open. We loaded a loveseat that’s been taking up too much space into the truck and took it to the goodwill with two huge trash bags of other stuff, including pants I am FINALLY letting go of as they are now three sizes too big, and many things of my son’s that are now too small. It struck me as I packed the bags – he is growing bigger as I am growing smaller.


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