I got a black cat bone

For whatever reason, things are working. Maybe it’s my turn for things to start going my way some of the time. Or maybe it’s just this particular crest of a particular wave, and I’ll crash pretty soon, which is also fine. I’m used to that old up and down. I’m ready.

But I’m enjoying the high. Oh yes.

I went to my monthly theater thing tonight, the Dark Room, which I really did not want to go to. I’m pretty tired and have been out several nights in the past week, and feeling kind of run down. But I had agreed to read a piece someone sent me in advance, and if I am anything, I’m a professional when it comes to acting. Or I try to be. So I showed up to read and said I’d be leaving right after. But I was handed two other great scripts, and so I read those, too. One person said, “Oh, I was so hoping you’d show up so you could read this for me!” THIS is a great, great thing to hear as an actor, especially when you feel like you’re barely keeping your hand in the game anymore, and most of what you do isn’t even rehearsed or thought out. It’s like someone coming to see a musician do cold sight reading of music every month and then wanting them to sight read your piece the next month. It’s flattering as hell and I try hard to do justice to the work, even when it’s just been put in my hands.

Not only did I do three readings, I got a paid writing gig on the spot, editing someone’s script that the guy wants shaped up and properly formatted and proofread and such, so he can submit it to area theaters. Sometimes being a writer actually does have its benefits. And a potential play date for my kid. Who also has a confirmed, actual play date this Thursday, thank goodness, so maybe I’m not the world’s worst Mom who is never able to get her kid a play date.

One more day of work, then I pick up Bones. He’s coming to physical therapy with me, which is yet ANOTHER thing which is starting to go well. My leg hurts like hell but I can’t deny that doing the exercises is starting to make me feel stronger and like I’m making progress towards getting back to running. Now to just rein myself in and not fucking PUSH IT too hard and too fast and fuck it all up. Pace, baby, climb slow and steady. Someone tug on those reins for me, gently, if I start to sprint. The slow burn is the way to go.

After PT, we are going on aforementioned play date, and hopefully then we’ll come home and pick up a movie and have movie night. Friday, grandma is coming over and we’re going to do a trial run of some of the more difficult side dishes that we make every Thanksgiving – the homemade noodles and homemade pie, both of which I am determined to master. I will have D help with this if he’s up for it. Saturday we’re going to a pool party at the local rec center. There is a band I want to see that night and I thought about getting a sitter and then I thought, fuck it, I’ve been out enough lately. Maybe I can just stay home, and now I have this writing gig so it’s good I didn’t make any plans.

Hell, I even made it home just SECONDS before a huge downpour started. It was sweaty and hot and wonderful on the ride home from the theater, the Outlaws blasting and the windows down.

The patio door is open, and the smell coming off the woods is completely intoxicating. I feel loved and wanted in a lot of ways. Personally and professionally. As a friend, a writer, an actor, and as a lover. Damn. Nice.


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