I wonder if it was a dream

School starts tomorrow morning. We have survived the long week between end of summer camp and beginning of school. His Dad took a few days at the front end, and I’ve had the back end, since Wednesday night. I will have him through the next Sunday morning.

Things that happened, on this 5 day, 6 night journey:

  • Prepared the apartment for painting. Ok, I did most of that. And it’s not all done. Finishing up the moving furniture and boxing shit up part tomorrow night. Carpeting is next week.
  • Went to the city’s pool party at the local rec center. Actually got D to play with another boy his age instead of just with me. Saw a PTA Mom and a school employee at the pool and talked with both of them about upcoming school year. I’m a member of this community, wow.
  • Had a successful and fun play date for my son with a friend of mine and her awesome three active boys. D has asked for another play date pretty much every day since then.
  • Got about half of Woodstock watched with my kid. Been doing this over this particular weekend every year since he was born, but he doesn’t always know it. This was an important weekend for me in more ways that one, and D helped me heal all that and find a path forward.
  • Exercised, did my PT, lifted when I could. Running is a long way off. Went for some hikes, even though it was “boring.” When he was nasty on this morning’s hike, I told him I was only trying to make some nice memories for him, as he’d be spending the next several months cooped up in a classroom. And that I only wanted him to be able to have the thought, as the wind turns cold and skies grow dark, “Gee, I wish I was outside with my mom and it was warm and we were hiking through the woods.” He hugged me. I count that as a win.
  • Sang very loudly in the car and waved our arms about, to the beat of many cool songs. Both of us.
  • Son admitted he could “probably make toast” and “maybe soup” in terms of cooking. Got my son to try coffee. We both drank too much pop and ate too much pizza. He ate. So. Much. Food these past few days.
  • Threw out shoes that were too small for him. And underwear. And some t-shirts.
  • Got together with Grandma to do some grocery shopping, the three of us. The kid is exasperating, but also really, really excited about grocery shopping.
  • Ate way too much corn. Yeah, you know? Try eating all that corn with no gallbladder or colon. But I have no regrets.
  • Made him laugh a thousand times. He made me laugh ten thousand times.
  • Met his teacher and saw his room. Now I know where to picture my heart every weekday for the next 9 months.
  • Edited a script – that was the grocery money. More work to do there, but making good progress. My skill is actually worth something, which is cool.
  • Reached my limit, so did he, and found a space in the ether beyond where we could exist and not kill each other. Sometimes building legos together is the answer. Sometimes flipping on the TV so he will zone out and me going outside on the patio to breathe is the answer. Sometimes it’s a nap, even when it’s too late for a nap. Sometimes it’s chips and guac. Sometimes it’s just waiting until it has passed.
  • I acknowledged to myself that I’m getting more gray. It’s ok. Things are changing on me, and it’s just getting better. Step away if you don’t like it. This is a GREAT show and it’s only getting better.
  • Booked theater work, with rehearsals and performance and everything. Yes.
  • Watched part of several movies I wanted D to see. Just not enough time to get everything done, and he is still so young, and only wants action, action, action in his films.

There is a lot to do the rest of this week. After several days off, work will be pressing and intense. And then the two days of painting. Then carpeting next week. I got this. I have love. I have support. I have friends. I can do it. I did this, didn’t I?


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