Tell it speak it think it breathe it

Whether we like it or not, for us Midwestern types, fall is upon us. Sure, we’ll have a few more sunny days, it will be warm, we’ll be outside. But the light has changed. The earth has turned. There are more clouds, things are more gray. And with the change, everyone’s energies have shifted. It’s palpable. I can feel it.

I find the fall brings a heightened sense of creativity. When I work in the theater, it’s almost always in the fall, and this fall is no exception. I’ve started rehearsal for a fun, short show that will be part of a gala theater benefit in which I try to participate every year. It’s the party of the year, truly, and a great fundraiser for a theater that’s near and dear to my heart, since they were the first ones to hire me for a professional, paid acting job when I moved to Cleveland. Last time I did this show, I was wearing Army camo and wearing a helmet and carrying a gun for one show, and then I changed into a nun’s habit and was a smoking, drinking Mother Teresa. This year, I’ll be a sexy-slutty BDSM-inspired street circus freak-slash-seamstress to the freaks. It should be a walloping good time. Solid and excellent cast with people I’ve worked with before as well as some new-to-me folks, and I know we’ll all play and have great fun. I don’t think the audience will know what hit them. Hopefully there will be no lawsuits, ha.

I’m also in preliminary stages of a play I want to put up next year, and am working with some close collaborators on that effort. It’s still sort of hush-hush. Until and unless we can make the production happen, I don’t want to tell a whole bunch of people about it, as it’s very exciting to contemplate. But the people involved are vibrant and engaged and the early fall energy is turning the engine forward.

Another friend contacted me about a theater thing last night. So we’re going to meet about that. And I’ve been proofing someone’s play script, and they want me to collaborate on more detailed edits and fixing it up before submitting it to places, so I’m going to take a meeting about that.

Last but not least, I suddenly was given an idea for a really interesting screenplay, or at least I think it would be interesting. I feel an urgency to get the details of it down, and plan to sequester myself in a remote location from Friday afternoon to Saturday night so that I can get it out of my brain and onto the page. Life is really, really fucking strange sometimes, and sometimes, those circumstances point to a film script. So all this is happening. And more.

Change at home has caused a lot of mental and physical upheaval as well. The walls have been finally and freshly repainted. While it isn’t an expert job, getting the work done for free is nice, and I feel like I have a fresh start. New carpet was installed yesterday, and in a couple more weeks, new floors will be lain in the kitchen and bath. I’m already seeing a different way to do things and to BE at home. It’s my place now, completely, and now was never anyone else’s place. That’s a good feeling.

I think by the solstice, my transformation into a highly creative, fall-focused being should be complete. Then it will be time for a celebration, of hearth, home and the creative spirit. Perhaps a party, yes.

But first, I must get all of this madness out of my brain, and onto the stage and the page.


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