What a weekend!

It was a whirlwind, to be sure.

Saturday I got up at 5 a.m. to go run a 5K race on Put-in-Bay. I’ve done the race for a couple of years now and am committed to making it a tradition. Even though I had to go to a wedding back in Cleveland that started at 5:30 p.m. It was quite an undertaking.

I haven’t run a race since June, and have been in physical therapy trying to rehab from a bad hamstring/buttock/lower back thing since then. I think I’ve run less than 6 times since beginning of June, and usually no more than 2-3 miles. So I had no idea how things would go here.

The good news is I got there, finished, and did respectfully if not fantastically, although official times for some reason are still not posted. Drove through a horrible thunderstorm on the way to the ferry dock at Catawba, and while it was mostly just sprinkling by the time the ferry left for the island, the waves were huge and the water very choppy. It was not a fun ride over.

It was hotter than usual for this race. Combine that with me being sort of out of shape from a cardio perspective and my asthma not being cooperative, and it was a very tough run for me. At one point, I so wanted to stop that the only thing that kept me running was the thought of the race being over sooner if I kept jogging.

By unofficial times, I have shaved 9 minutes off my time in two years. So that’s pretty good and something to be proud of. The really, really good news is my leg took the run really well. It was quite sore the rest of Saturday, but I rested and did some gentle stretching yesterday and it’s actually feeling really good. Like if I just keep up with my goddamned exercises that Skeletor gives me, I might actually be able to lick this thing and beat it into submission. So tonight I will lift. Must get stronger. So hard to hold onto my strength and tone now at 46. Only a couple of weeks off and things start sagging. And I know it will only get worse. I’m very thankful to my body for working as hard as it did and to my mind for getting it all done.

The wedding was super. Funky, informal, colorful, engaging and a lot of laughs. It’s great to see people in my theater community as we are all getting older together. I had some wonderful conversations with other mothers of small children about how acting has to kind of take a back burner, at least for awhile, and that’s ok. So many friends in the theater community are in the middle of wonderful life events – engagements, marriages, pregnancy and birth of children, and it’s really poignant to see us all sort of growing up and intertwining our paths together to continue to make art in whatever way we can, but also dealing with issues of parenting, aging parents, the rough stuff in life. What can I say, milestones make me nostalgic and weepy and romantic.

I’m resurfacing after several weeks of very hard and fast deadlines at work that were crushing me. Yesterday I rested, read a book, went leisurely grocery shopping and then did a lot of cooking so I’d have food for the week ahead, and it was really lovely. But I missed my little boy. Every time I walk by his room and see the colorful numbers of his little bedside clock, it makes me a bit sad. I pick him up early this coming Saturday, when he’ll start his next group of learn-to-swim lessons. I hope this class is the one where it finally ticks. He’s getting there. I just would feel a lot better if he knew how to swim and evolved into a strong swimmer like I was.

I learned recently that the indoor pool at my apartment complex is actually open quite late, until 9:30. As it’s really dark and can be dangerous to run in the evenings in the winter, I decided I will try to get back to swimming more regularly, which will be music to Skeletor’s ears. When there aren’t other people in the pool, which is often when it’s later on, the attendant will usually let you pull the rope back so you can swim laps. It’s not a huge pool so the laps are short and the shallow end really shallow, but it will do. And the cross-training will help enable me to run better, longer, faster. I know this, I just need to make myself do it.

I’m also starting to contemplate joining the local Rec Center. I discontinued my gym membership several months ago as it was really far away and I never went, but if I got a rec center membership, I could use a real pool, as well as take advantage of their other equipment and it’s very close to where I live. And then we wouldn’t have to pay an entrance fee for both of us next summer every time we want to go to the outdoor pool. If I could just sell one writing piece, I’d feel ok about the annual fee. Must get on that.


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