Drawing In

The November Witch wind is howling today. While the temperatures are really fairly mild for this time of year, it is a harbinger of things to come. The dark commute, the ice and snow. I turn inward a little more these months, as many people do. And change my focus slightly. Going out is less often. Activities perhaps slow down. So it needs to be worth it more when you make the effort to push out of the comforts of your warm home – the people, the event, all of it. Figuring out what’s important. Making more pointed decisions.

Recently, Facebook showed me a “memory” that had a picture of four people in it; me, and three other people. I almost shared it, as I had to laugh when I saw it since two of the three other people in the photo don’t even talk to me anymore, are no longer friends. Which I thought would make the post funny. But then I thought, well, they drew their circle tighter, and I’m not in it. That’s ok. I am in the process of doing the same. My Mom always said when you change seasons of clothing in your closet, look at what’s in there. If you haven’t worn it in a year and it’s not a special occasion thing, you’re probably not going to wear it, and you should get rid of it. I try to get rid of a few things each season with that mindset. And so also am getting rid of some “friends,” drawing my own circle tighter. If you have shown me it isn’t important to have me as a friend, or your behavior is in some way unacceptable for me, bye. I would rather be alone with my blanket and a book than surrounded by people who don’t give a shit or mistreat me.

The new kitchen floor finally done, I set about to putting everything back last night. In the process, I decided to let go of a couple of small pieces of furniture and find some other place/way to store the items those things once held. Fewer obstacles. This is a good thing. I photographed and posted the items on resale boards I frequent, and engaged with buyers for both in less than a half hour. The boy and I are meeting the buyers at neutral locations tonight where I’ll get rid of the flotsam.

Two weeks until Thanksgiving. I shall try to focus more on what I have to be thankful for, and less on what I am missing.


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