Drink another coffee

Last night, a girlfriend came over with her two kids. We had a fabulous time drinking some wine and the kids went crazy playing together. Her kids are as nutty and loud as my boy is, so they all had a great time until everyone got tired and then there seemed to be a lot of tattling and crying, which parents know signals the end of the evening. She let me borrow some TV trays as I may be having quite a few people here for Thanksgiving this year, and I only have three chairs for the kitchen table.

I also realized I only have four dinner plates, and they’re from a line of old-style diner plates so they’re pretty small to boot. Plates would have to be procured.

It’s been a very busy day. I beat back my slight wine hangover with a hearty breakfast and strong coffee and then we went to Macy’s to mail D’s letter to Santa in the big, red mailbox that goes to the North Pole. I drove the long way around the mall to get to the parking lot I thought was closest to where they keep the mailbox (but of course they moved the mailbox this year) and D asked why we were driving around and not parking. I explained why and he said well, how do you know where it is and I said because I used to work in this store. He totally thought I was kidding. I’m like no kid, for real, I worked a 2nd job here up through my 7th month of being pregnant with you, selling housewares, luggage and fine china. I didn’t bother explaining this was my piddling attempt at trying to pay off my $15K IVF debt, which went on a credit card with a “fixed” low APR balance “until you pay off the balance,” which really means “not fixed. we will change our minds in 3 months because banking crisis and now it’s at 20% and you’ll never pay it off ha ha ha bitch fuck you, love Chase bank.” Also I only made $2000 working there all year, which is surprising considering how many hours I spent on my feet pretending to like working with the general public. The bitter, chintzy, wheedling, greedy general public who all wanted something for nothing.

Anyway, we got the letter mailed and then to swim class, the last one for this class. He didn’t pass it, again, but was closer. I feel like he has been taking the same class for years. He’s been in learn to swim classes FOREVER, at two different places, and still doesn’t know how. But I have little choice but to keep signing him up until he eventually gets it. He needs to learn how.

After swim, we went out for mexican. He ate like a Marine as per usual and I tried not to overeat and failed. Then we went to the Goodwill on my quest for dishes. And there they were. A nice 70s style, exactly to my liking, and made in the USA to boot. They’re sort of a dark orange and brown and my tablecloth should go with them pretty well. Then I found a kick ass gravy boat. I’ve never had a gravy boat, and this just screamed my name. I also found a matching sugar and creamer that were sort of like the other stuff, and yet different enough to be funky like I intend for things to be mismatched because I am whimsical. I also got a big ass platter for the turkey, which I need as every year I get it done and think oh fuck I don’t have a platter. And 8 ramekins that were a buck each, so now I can do a ramekin dessert. AND I got D a pair of new with tags pants that had an adjustable waist which had a purple tag and Saturdays is 50% off on purple and yellow so GODDAMN! A BUNCH OF BARGAINS!

Then we had to go to the grocery because I had no food after throwing everything out Thursday night after the 12-hour power outage. D whined about it because now he was tired, but went to the secure play area there and then was mad when it was time to go. I got him a kid loyalty card kind of thing where you get a free slice of cheese, piece of produce or a cookie every time you visit, and you can guess which one of those he wanted. Even after that huge lunch. And was starving for dinner by 5:30. Oh, to have that metabolism again. I am jealous of my son’s six-pack abs.

We came home and unloaded everything. I made him do a couple of chores as part of an agreement to buy him this cheap little snowglobe from Goodwill – it was that, or the annoying Elvis toy that kept playing Jailhouse Rock over and over that he seemed to love. So he helped bag/box up all our Goodwill donations, which I keep in a corner, and then I made him bag up all the trash except the kitchen trash. I hauled all the bags and boxes out to my car and will drop that stuff off tomorrow. I like to give something back to the Goodwill after I shop there. This is sort of how my grandma used to shop there as well, as she was a dedicated Goodwill shopper who could spend four hours in her local store. One time I saw her take off her shoes and put them on the rack, put on another pair and start walking around. And I was all, “Grandma!” and she goes, “What? I bought them here ANYWAY and it was only a few months ago, what’s the difference? All the money I spend here.” She was amazing.

I put all the dishes in my now-working dishwasher and got the kid’s fingernails and toenails clipped and read him a story about how much sugar kids eat from the Time kids news site while he ate dinner (me – still too from lunch, no thanks). Then he helped me do the laundry and now, perhaps it’s time for a bath.

I sure wish I had someone to spend time with during all this stuff sometimes.


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