We make our choices

To say I’m really, really, really ready to have the upcoming two days away from work  would be an extremely dramatic understatement.

Full moon tonight so yeah, ready for that crazy.

My hand mixer broke last night. I’ve had that thing for so many years I can’t even remember when I bought it, so I can’t bitch about it being made cheaply. I don’t use one often but I do need one. I had to mix up the ingredients for the pie I made last night all old school style, using a whisk, spatula and elbow grease. I’ve never made this pie before. My grandma used to always have this pie at her house and I’ve missed it since she died in the late 80s. I finally found a recipe my Mom thinks was grandma’s pie, so I made it last night and it’s chilling in the fridge. It’s sort of a poor man’s cheesecake. I hope it’s good.

I’ve had a bad sinus migraine for about 24 hours and last night was sick to my stomach too. I feel a little bit better today but I swear I’m ready to bore  a hole into my head to get the pressure out. Thanks, crazy fall weather.

And tomorrow morning I run a 5-mile race. Not feeling particularly ready for that, but I will get it done as I am stubborn. I already paid my registration fee so by God I will run it or walk it or crawl it with a hip flask of bourbon if I have to, but I’m doing it. This will be the fourth race I’ve run this year. I had a goal in January of doing five. Not sure if I can make that or not. I have custody of my son the day of all remaining races in December. It may work out, we’ll see. The plantar fasciitis has backed off to a level four or so, down from nine, so I’ll give this a go and then see about December.

Tonight I pick up the bird. He’ll be dry brined and go into the fridge. And will make pumpkin pot du creme, which I’ve never made (with maple bourbon whipped cream!) and do an audit to make sure I have all my ingredients for my big meal, which is Friday. Tomorrow morning, the race, and then some bourbon. Maybe some writing. I’m in the middle of two stories I think could be sent out for potential publication as soon as I finish them.

Friday is my meal, I’m having eight people over, which makes me officially crazy, but I love cooking and I love having people over so I’m actually looking forward to it. I pick up the kid at 10. Saturday I may take him roller skating. Sunday we’re going to see Santa.

I’m starting to contemplate what 2016 will look like. I think it’s going to be a very, very different year than 2015, and that is just fine with me. Time to start formulating goals, making some choices.



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