I’ve buckled down more on writing of late, and want to ride that wave throughout the winter. I got an article published a few weeks ago, and have been working on a couple others in the meantime. This morning, I submitted a short story to a pretty well-paying (and thus, probably highly competitive) short story contest. I don’t expect to win it, but as it used to say at Jack’s Famous Coney Island diner, next to the ancient cash register and modern lottery machine, you can’t win if you don’t play. Jack himself used to say it, all the time – he was one of my Dad’s best friends. So I’m playing. Played the lottery yesterday actually, thinking about Jack’s, and my renewed focus on adapting my path into something different going forward. Don’t expect to win the lottery either, but you have to play to win.

It’s pretty clear I’m not going to make some of the goals I set out for myself this year, and that’s perfectly ok. I ran four races. Custody being what it is the remainder of the year, me running an organized fifth race is just not in the cards. Considering all my injuries and setbacks, I’m proud of the four I did get done, and the many, many other runs. I did break 9 miles in a single run this year, which is a personal record, so that offsets things a bit. Looking at things differently and accepting those as a completed goal and task is sometimes necessary. It might not be what you originally pictured, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t accomplish something.

I had hoped to get at least two articles published, but instead I got one. Which is fine. I really want to start cranking out some of the stuff I’ve half-started or have in my head as ideas that need to get down on the page, and winter is a great time for me to do this. A couple of these ideas are for TV shows, and one is for a feature film, so that will be a nice exercise for my mind, writing in a different format and style. I plan to at least get the treatment written for the film and get it registered with WGA and the Copyright office. Then I’ll figure out what to do with it from there.

I did want to do more acting, and on that one, I think I hit the mark about as high as I can hit it, considering the constraints on my time (and energy). I participated almost every month in Dark Room. I was invited twice to participate in a similar effort at an East-side theater at which I had never previously performed. I took part in Pandemonium, and was in the staged reading of a full-length play just a couple of weeks ago, as one of the leads. I also met a lot more writers, actors, directors and tech people this year, so I guess I did a lot of networking, which is all good.

I didn’t lose the proverbial 20 pounds, which are always on the list. But this is really not important. I’m fairly healthy, decently active, and try to seek balance between enjoying life and enjoying it a little TOO much.

I’m gearing up, literally, for winter runs. I need to get my asthma managed somehow and must find some better gloves, but other than that I’m ready. I can do a lot of thinking out there in the woods with the crunch of snow under each footfall.

You have to pay a lot more attention when you run in the winter. Each step has to be shorter, more careful. You need increased committment, because nobody wants to go out of the house in thin running clothes when it’s below freezing. I’m ok with that. If the path tells you to zig, you zig. If the path zags, you zag.

I’m trying to let go of what didn’t happen this year, be proud of what did, and look forward to what’s ahead. Then I need to get busy doing the work of making it all happen. I’m on my way.


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