Get the action going

The other night, I watched an old film, WUSA (1970). Big names. Paul Newman, Anthony Perkins, Joanne Woodward, Cloris Leachman,Wayne Rogers. A  political drama, quirky made a very long time ago, when I was just a baby. It’s available on Youtube, but the sound quality isn’t the best, even on the DVD recording. Still, I recommend it, even though it’s considered to be a bit clunky and weird – sort of like me.

Newman once said it was the most important film he ever made.

Without disclosing too much, it’s about a right-wing radio station in New Orleans, and racial issues/tensions. Whether you draw a parallel between the radio station of 45 years ago to the Fox News of today, or see the street riots and think of Ferguson, or hear the chest-beating, rabid “patriotism” which is really racism wrapped in the flag, it’s sad to see how much of this movie is relevant to today’s times, and how little ground we seem to have covered as a country. It’s sad, really. Frustrating and sad. All I can do is work for change, and to try to make sure my kid does better than these assholes – the ones in the film and the ones running for President on a platform of hate and divisiveness.

It’s the holiday season, but the weather has been so mild it’s been hard to get into the spirit. Not that I’m complaining. If every fall were like this one has been, I’d be downright giddy. If it weren’t for my plantar fasciitis I’d be getting a lot more runs in, but I’m still working on fixing the foot. I fixed my damned hamstring, though it took six months, and I can fix this too. My middle-aged body still has the ability to repair itself, which is a great thing.

I’m still trying to force it to change, as well, my body. In general, I’m pushing for a lot of change forward in my life. It needs to happen. I’m trying to work out more. If I can’t run, I’ll lift more often. I need to get back to yoga, which helps me keep my sanity. I’m writing more, sending more pieces out, taking more chances. I published a piece on LinkedIn a week ago that’s getting a lot of praise. I am pushing personally and professionally. I want to travel more next year. I want to make more money, get published more. I want MORE. If I want 2016 to be appreciably different than 2015, I have to make it happen, and I am actively pursuing that change. I want it to look different, be better, and it will be. I am determined.

It’s a theater night, which is always a good night. Dark Room at CPT. I may be asked to read, I may not, and it doesn’t matter. It will be good to see the creative process happening and be a part of it. To see my friends, to meet new ones.


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