When exactly do you mean?

I discovered that my OTHER headlight was out a couple days ago when I got home at night and pulled into my carport space. I called the next day, yesterday, to the place where I typically get my car repaired and had them pull the invoice from last week when I had just taken it in to have a headlight replaced. Of course, it was the other headlight that was out, but I wasn’t sure so at least they confirmed. I made an appointment to drop it off this morning; it takes them a day to get the headlight as they don’t keep it in stock.

Last night on the way home from the Dark Room, I got pulled over. In Linndale, which, if you’re a Cleveland, you know isn’t the best place to get pulled over. I wasn’t drunk or speeding or anything, it’s just my bad luck of late. Or not, depending on how you look at it.

My Dad taught me a long time ago how to handle yourself when you get pulled over. When I was young and hotheaded, I didn’t always do things the way he suggested, but I’m better at it now. I rolled down the window, put the blinkers on,  shut the car off, turned on the dome light and put my hands on the steering wheel open so he could see there was nothing in them. As he approached the window, I said, “It’s the headlight, isn’t it,” and he said “Yes, ma’am.” I swore, as I’m sure everyone does who happens to be lying, that I had an appointment the next morning to get it fixed and that I had just discovered it the day before. He asked for my license and proof of insurance and I got out my license, and then verbally told him I was opening the glove to look for the insurance card. He shone his light in the glove box while I looked, which was helpful, and I pulled out a card and gave it to him. “Ma’am, this is from 2013,” he said. “Hold on,” I told him, pulled some more garbage out and gave him another one. “And this one is from 2014. I don’t know why people keep the old cards,” he said. “I’m really sorry,” I told him. “I just renewed my policy, and I bet the new cards are in the unopened envelope from the company that’s sitting next to my computer at home. But it’s the same company, I’ve been with them for years.” He told me to sit tight and went back and ran my plate/me to make sure I wasn’t a felon or had outstanding warrants or something, and came back and told me to get it taken care of and proceed home. The car is in the shop as I write this. And they’re going to skip charging me labor as well, since I was just in there last week for the same thing, plus we were joking around and I was trying to be nice to the guys, saying it’s bad when you come in your car repair shop and they greet you by first name since you’re such a frequent customer. Ha. *whew*

This morning, a reminder dinged on my phone to go sign my kid up for his next round of swim classes, which start in January. There are only a few spots in each class, and I wasn’t able to get him into the one I wanted last time as I waited until after work the day sign up started to sign him up, and all the spots were gone. In a single day. So I had calendared a reminder to go up there the morning registration started so I could be sure to get him in. I called to verify someone was there who could take the payment for classes and the lady on the phone informed me that sign up for residents started last week, and non-residents started yesterday. I had a sinking feeling. To my surprise, they still had spots available in the class I wanted. So after I dropped D at school, I raced up there and signed him up for the class I wanted and paid the fee. *whew*

Then I remembered with a panic that D has a dentist appointment in the morning some week when I have custody of him this month. I panicked and thought OMG it was yesterday, I missed it. I couldn’t find the entry for it on my electronic calendar. I couldn’t remember how to log into my gmail to look at the big calendar on my laptop, which I could search from. I finally opened the tablet and searched the calendar from there. The appointment isn’t until the 21st. I set a reminder on my phone for early that morning so I don’t forget. *whew*

I really don’t understand what the universe is trying to tell me here. Is it that if I just work a little harder and persevere more through times of strife, I will be rewarded? Or is something trying to tell me I am going about things the wrong way and I need to find a different way?


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