Kill off the hours


Since my return, I’ve been pretty goddamned productive. I’m almost done with week two of five weeks of classes in an online course I’m taking, and I got those done in two days. I wrote and submitted a story for potential publication as well, fingers crossed. I did a little of my physical therapy exercises too, which were difficult enough to remind me I need to do them more often. Running is still out of the question after the 9.5-miler a week ago. I have to do more to repair the plantar fasciitis first, which is quite bad. Will work on that this week.

Today the kid arrived, and everything immediately became more stressful, busy and louder, as it does. But I still got a lot done. We went grocery shopping and dropped off the recycling. I got a big win in the parenting column in that I absolutely positively HAD to get my hair cut, which I realized in Canada looking in the mirror, and the only appointment I could get was for this afternoon, when I knew I’d have the kid with me. I loaded his backpack up with a couple of books with mazes and word searches, bribed him with a juice box and hoped for the best. Luckily, there were no other clients in there when we were in there. He sat and did puzzles quietly for the first 20 or so and then pushed a chair around and whined a little until it was time to go, which is fine. He didn’t break anything and didn’t make a terrible nuisance of himself, so that’s a win as far as I’m concerned. After that, we went to the playground in the mall so he could blow off some steam, and then he came with me to look at luggage, as I realized before my trip that my small suitcase is gone – I think I recall the zipper breaking some time ago, and the big suitcase I have is very heavy and cumbersome, and the zipper is starting to not work, so it’s time to look for a replacement before it’s too late. But we didn’t buy today. I have to get Christmas paid off on the Kohl’s and Target cards first before I can go for luggage.

We came home and I helped D find a place for all his new toys, which meant getting rid of some more old toys. One of his new toys is going to be donated as well, which his Dad and I agreed was not an acceptable toy for him. It involves wearing some battery-operated goggles where images appear of bad guys and you shoot them with a battery-operated gun. Nope nope nope. Once the toys were away, we took apart the whole tree; ornaments, ribbons, lights and everything, and got everything boxed up and put away upstairs in the storage locker, which was no easy feat. Then I had a lot of food to cook for the week ahead so we can eat right when we come home. Couple of casseroles, some pork chops, some fresh guacamole. Then I saw all the pine needles and vacuumed those up while D cleaned his room. Then he needed a bath, which he hasn’t had in awhile, so we got that done, plus I got a bag of cold weather clothes together so he could put them in his school locker. This also doubles as nosebleed backup clothes since he is prone to them.

All in all, pretty productive and while I feel more settled, I am not satisfied, and I’m going to continue to work to make changes in my life in 2016 that can help that. Finishing my short story and submitting it to a contest that has a deadline at the end of the month is part of it. Writing several ideas I have written down as nothing but basic concepts right now is another. And there are many other irons in the fire.

I need to keep the momentum going I acquired on the road, and push those boundaries. Right now, I feel like I’m doing that.


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