Only time will tell if it was time well spent


Birthday weekend was a whirlwind of mostly positive stuff, which is as good as anyone can hope or ask for.

Friday at work, they got me these lovely doughnuts from my favorite such shop in town, since I am not much of a cake person. We got to order in lunch from the place of my choice and everyone had a nice time. We started a new thing at work where you have to go around the table and say something nice about the person whose birthday it is. There are only a handful of us so it doesn’t take that long. So that was nice.

Saturday, the actual birthday, I got a million expressions of love and happiness on my Facebook page, which is actually really kind of nice. Funny pictures, memes, crazy cakes, virtual hugs and kisses, all of it. This is one of the better parts of social media, I think. The weather Saturday was nicer than any other of my 47 years I can recall for early February – bright sunshine and mid-40s temps. My son and I drove down to my hometown so I could get my favorite pizza from there and visit my cousin. He slept in the car and I sang and it was a wonderful day.

Sunday morning after I dropped him at his Dad’s, the weather was even more freaky-nice, on its way to 50 (though it’s going down to single digits later this week). So I taped up my foot as best I could and went out for a 6-mile run in the metro parks. It was so gorgeous out. The run was difficult as I haven’t run for awhile as I’ve been dealing with this plantar fasciitis. I’m starting to think my shoes are the culprit, though I only have it on one foot so maybe it’s more uneven muscle tone than anything. Who knows. My foot is killing me today but the run was really worth it. It felt great to be outside in the sunshine and is one of my preferred ways to deal with the sadness I have when I drop my son off and know I’m not going to see him for a whole week.

I came home and cooked some lunch, had a bourbon and went to the movies to see The Revenant. I sure hope they give Leo the Oscar. I’m worried all he has left to do to prove to them how dedicated he is to his craft is setting himself on fire. Jesus.

Last night I started reading a new book that literally made me laugh out loud, and that’s the kind of thing that makes me very happy.

It would have been great to have someone to spend the weekend with, but I got to spend most of it with my boy, who is my favorite company, so that’s good enough for now.

And so we march on into another week. I wonder what changes are in store for me this week, this month, this trip around the sun. I feel driven to write. I hope I can find the time.


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