Obamas and Virginia McLaurin

(photos: Pete Souza)

I keep reading articles about how it’s “good for you” to sleep cold, turn the thermostat down. I realized last night this advice is just not something I can take. First of all, I assume the people this works for are not the type like me, who use the bathroom 4 or 5 times in an evening/overnight between going to bed to read and getting up in the morning, like I have to. This is really not pleasant when you are freezing and your teeth are chattering. Also, these must be people with better circulation than I have, because my feet literally just do not get warm when it’s cold like that, and my face and neck and anything else that’s exposed, like hands or an arm, are so cold it’s physically uncomfortable and I can’t even get to sleep. I finally gave up last night and turned the heat back up and realized I’m never going to be one of those people. I don’t care how thin it makes you or how good it is for you. You can have my electric blanket when you pry it from my cold, dead body.

Regarding losing weight, I can tell you that going for a 10-mile run in the morning and then being hit with the stomach flu in the afternoon, the effects of which lingered for three days, is a GREAT lose-it-fast plan. I’m finally down that stubborn 5 pounds I gained with winter eating. I also learned that being sick like this alone really, really sucks. My Mom is elderly and doesn’t have the strongest immune system, so she refused to be exposed to it and I can’t blame her. She dropped off some Gatorade at my door but I couldn’t keep it down, and ended up in the hospital because my abbreviated plumbing (see link above) leads to dehydration so quickly. So that was a fun few days. My son got it a few days before me. Thankfully, he is young and strong and recovered from it very quickly, just in time for me to send him to his Dad’s on schedule and then come down with it myself.

But I did get caught up on all my Tivo watching and read book, so that’s something. So here we are at Wednesday as my Monday, and I’m almost to the point I can’t watch or read about the news anymore because I can’t stand seeing so much hatred and violence. Uber driver goes on a shooting spree, megalomaniacal, dangerous dictatorial type wins another primary as our march toward becoming the shameful embarrassment of the world continues. I’m actually ashamed of our country. So much hatred and racism and violence and divisiveness. It makes me sick all over again.

I need Spring. Flowers and birds and positivity. I’ve lost mine.




My head can’t tolerate this

One thought on “My head can’t tolerate this

  1. I feel you. If I were Empress of the World, I’d stamp every damn candidate “REJECTED” and demand that we start from scratch. I’d establish a penal colony for assholes, to remove them from the rest of us. I’d make zero calorie wine a reality. Hope you feel better.

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