Close your eyes, open your heart


Gosh but it was lovely today. Yesterday, I woke up very early, bundled up and went outside to watch the sunrise from atop a nearby hill. It was freezing cold, but I bundle fairly smartly and I was able to comfortably sit on the ground and watch the beauty emerge in purples and blues and pinks from over the buildings that are part of my apartment complex. I went out later in the day, when it was slightly warmer, for a four-mile walk but it was still really cold, and without the brisk walking, I’d have been uncomfortable.

Today it was a kiss of summer. It was in the low 50s when I picked my son up from his father’s place, and raising a degree practically every few minutes.

Grandma was at our place when we got back, and she came in and we had a long, leisurely late morning of me cooking a ham, making au gratin potatoes and broccoli, and we managed to fit egg coloring in then as well, even though it made a terrible mess. My son bopped in and out and helped a little with the cooking, and a lot with the egg coloring. After lunch, we had the traditional Macedonian egg cracking contest, which somehow my son seems to win every year, so he’ll have good luck the rest of the year. That’s ok, I got the big side of the wishbone from the Thanksgiving turkey, and that’s working out it’s own way to bring me some good luck in 2016.

Then we played a couple of board games. D is getting slightly better about losing, though you have to play enough games for him to win at least one.

By the time the kitchen was all cleaned up and grandma had gone home, it was in the high 70s. D and I set out for a playground I’d heard was great which is pretty far from where I live. We had an ok time, and saw this ladybug, which was cool, but it was a long way to go just to visit a playground. I asked a Dad who had sat down next to me to strike up a “parenting” conversation if there was a place to get ice cream nearby, so after a while we left the playground and went and got ice cream. Or rather, D got ice cream, as I am still carrying all my winter weight, and I got a fat-free fruit smoothie. He ate all his ice cream and drank a good portion of my smoothie. Must be nice to have that metabolism. Yeah, it was, actually, I remember it and still miss it.

He fell asleep almost as soon as we pulled out of the parking lot and it was pretty late for him to nap, but I’m just trying to roll with life. You can’t make a kid stay awake in the back seat when you’re driving unless you have a cattle prod or something. So I decided when we got home that we’d spend the last couple of hours of the day cleaning up the patio and getting it ready for spring and summer. So we swept and beat rugs and cleaned off patio chairs, moved the bikes all around so there’s room to sit on the chairs, and brought the plants out…so I’m sure we’ll get a frost soon and they’ll die. I need more plants. And all my cheap patio lights from last year are pretty much broken and scattered all over, so I need new lights. I’d really like to have more plants indoors as well. If only they weren’t so expensive and were easier to transport. It’s hard to get more than one or two plants into a sedan.

Then we blew bubbles and colored the empty spaces with sidewalk chalk. He drew zombies and I drew flowers and peace signs, and we blasted some rock and roll. I got to tuck him in and kiss him good night. It was a good day.

The patio is now ready. And so am I.



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