Be yourself don’t hide


Marching ever forward, despite nature’s admirable attempt to try to give us a winter NOW. It’s like Mother Nature realized she fucked up all winter and is all like here, here’s some snow! Hail! Here’s some wind and cold! All of the weather! All at once! Can’t fool me though, I know this is the death knell and in another week or two, things are going to be a lot brighter and warmer. I can be patient. I’ve been patient a long time.

I have rain boots now, like real boots designed for rain. You can’t keep me inside for long. I also have lotion that makes my skin sparkle, which makes me feel like a jewel. I’m shining on the inside even if outside it’s cloudy and rainy.

I sent out a couple of stories for possible publication. I need to generate more content and send more shit out, but there never seem to be enough hours in the day. That’s ok. I’m working on enjoying my life more instead of making it all about an endless to-do list. I think it’s starting to work. Ever in search of that balance. Sometimes turning down more opportunities to do things so you are alone more often results in more balance. Sometimes letting people into your life who continue to knock is the right thing. It’s always shifting and changing. I make the best decisions I can in the moment.

I’m getting a travel bug itch as well. Trying to plan some long weekend trips for me and the boy over the summer. We will probably take the trip to Wisconsin to see my sister, but I’m not sure when. I’d like to take him somewhere we’ve both never been. He really, really wants to see the “real ocean,” but that’s a super long drive to make alone, and an expensive proposition. We shall see how the rest of the year plays out. Like the weather, it’s always changing and continues to surprise me.

I’m reading a piece at Dark Room on Tuesday. I keep editing it in my head and making it longer. I need to actually make the changes to the piece, but I already have all the copies of the scripts for people with current version. Decisions.

I need to do something to generate some extra income. Being this fabulous ain’t cheap. But it sure feels good.



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