Here where the lens is wide

newport sunset

It was a great, whirlwind weekend. These are the weekends I love, even though they leave me a bit drained. Rich and full and adventurous.

Spur of the moment trip to Cincinnati to see a guy giving a free lecture who has shot a number of award-winning films. It was at this little tiny college in Kentucky where you’d never think anyone of note would be presenting, but it was a really interesting presentation. As an actor and writer, I found it inspiring in that it made me want try to write films perhaps more so than any other experience I’ve had. So the ideas I have for screenplays may be making their way into actual scripts soon.

I called in a favor from an old friend in the hotel business and got a really beautiful room in a really beautiful hotel for a really beautiful price. Got to see a gorgeous sunset and eat some great food, lived life hard. Winning.

Yesterday, raced back to Cleveland to pick up the kid, then the usual whirlwind of putting on my mom hat – battling with the other people at the grocery store, cooking, getting the laundry together, all of the stuff I do to get ready for the week ahead with the kid that I couldn’t do before hand since I was on the road trip.

It was so good to see him sleeping in his little bed again last night.

More coffee.


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