Watch the seasons runnin’ away

purple boots

It was a busy weekend. The kid had his first race yesterday. It’s part of a new kids’ racing series where different age groups run each Sunday for five weeks. The really little kids ran a 50-yard dash. My kid is in the group running a quarter mile. He can easily run a quarter mile, he was running that far and further two and three years ago, but most of the time he doesn’t want to just go run. He wants to bring something – a ball, some toys, whatever. I feel like the kid is a runner, though, and wanted to get him into something where he’d have an opportunity to figure that out for himself (or not).

There were probably thirty or forty kids in his age group and then they split them into boys and girls so he was running against about 20 other kids, and came in third. I don’t think any of the kids really knew what was going on other than generally where to go and they weren’t really giving it their all. It was really, really cute watching all the kids run and pure enjoyment. But I saw that competitive side come out of my kid the last 50 yards or so, and he powered ahead of a couple others to come in what looked like third (the finish line was a little disorganized).

“That was easy,” he said. I took him back to the course and gave him a little coaching for next time. Stay with the other kids in the front until you round this last corner and are in the homestretch, then just book it until the end. “Like here?” he said, indicating a part of the course? Yes, I nodded. “Easy.” We shall see. I wasn’t sure if he really liked doing it or not but his Dad reported that he slept in his race shirt last night so I’m calling it a win.

My patio is finally ready for nice weather and we finally had some this weekend. The 70s and sunshine make me both filled with energy and deliciously lazy. I want to get everything done and then just sit down and relax and enjoy it. Reading on the patio with the birds chirping and only a light blanket over my lap was pretty nice. Now if I can just win the lottery and get some cushions for the patio chairs, my ass won’t be sore after sitting out there for awhile. I found the little plastic dinosaurs my son left in the dirt patch next to the patio, and sadly brought them in and put them away. They will wait until he returns, as will that part of my heart. I just put it away for a week and try not to think about it.

I got a fairly long run in as well on Sunday. I’m kind of just ignoring my foot pain at this point, just taping it up and running anyway since it hurts whether I run or not. I have places to go and things to do, no time to nurse an injury. Felt good.

The weather changed so quickly. I’m challenged to keep up with it, to find all my shorts and summer dresses immediately, to think about pool time and vacations. It’s hard to make plans when you don’t know what’s ahead, so I’m just trying to be ready for anything and everything and live each moment as it comes.


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