Overcast days never turned me on

purple boots

The death of his purple highness continues to resonate. Everyone is different. Bowie was bad, but the loss of Prince has been astoundingly bad, and in the middle of a very challenging time for me, personally. Fighting a cold, both me and the kid, and a lot of rain, clouds and cold these days, as well as some personal, professional and emotional things to wrestle with equals a rough go.

The kid was a terrible sleeper as a baby. One of the worst. He didn’t sleep through the night until he was two. Since then though, he’s gotten better and better and once he got night trained, he’s generally been a damned good sleeper. Last night, he got up FOUR TIMES asking for water. I think he was sleep walking at least two of those times; he was like a zombie and doing things that made no sense physically. I actually made him sit down so I could take his temperature about 1am as I thought maybe he’s burning up or something from the inside, else why is this happening. This morning though, he seemed completely fine and was in a much better mood than he’s been in all week. I was going on severe lack of sleep but was determined to make it a better day as well, and it was. Witches’ day and all – halfway to Halloween this day (or Walpurgisnach for you fellow pagans). Today we decided I’ll go as Raven and he’ll go as Robin. We’ll see how that works out this fall.

We got doughnuts straight away, which is always a good thing except for my middle aged weight creep, which I chose to ignore. I mean, if I died tomorrow would anyone be at the funeral like wow, I bet she’s really glad she didn’t eat those doughnuts or that cheese. Then a dance party, all powered by his purpleness, which has been on constantly at home and in the car. Then swim class, where he tried hard even though he hates it. Then his favorite Mexican place for lunch. Man, that kid can put away an enormous amount of food when he is growing. Then out to the bakery to put in the order for his birthday cake. He got to pick the cake and frosting flavors. We came back and I got him to lay in bed with me for a nap but he wouldn’t nap, so instead we watched funny animal videos, which is one of his favorite things ever. Rhinos sure can pee a long time.

Then we popped out to the library to get a movie for tonight. We sat in the library parking lot and he sang the chorus to “Raspberry Beret” while I sang the verses until the song was over and then we went in and got Captain America: Winter Soldier because I actually can get into mindless, ridiculously budgeted action movies and because Cleveland filming locations. We only got about halfway through and he needed more movement, so I challenged him to a stomach crunch contest (I won, did 100) and then challenged him to do perfect-form push-ups, which took some coaching and tweaking but he finally got it and did two sets of 10. And a lot of enormously ridiculous dancing, acting and improv, which he counts down with “3, 2, 1, ACTION” when I am filming it, which is also hilarious.

It was a much better day and a good cap to the week. Tomorrow I get my bi-weekly acting exercise of pretending like it’s no big deal to see him go to his Dad’s, and I will go run in the rain so that earth’s tears can wash over mine and bring me around to my solo week. It’s going to be a busy one. I have something to do every night. Monday I’m helping with orientation for the parents and kids coming into kindergarten at D’s school – I was that terrified, bewildered mom a couple of years ago and want to help. Tuesday is Marathon Man (dentist). Wednesday I am helping a friend celebrate getting her Master’s degree at the Velvet Tango Room. Thursday is my first divorce-aversary and I will be with close friends who love me even though I’m crazy, at least, those who can make it. A lot of people couldn’t but this date is significant in more ways than I can tell most people and not just because of the court thing, but related to my Dad and a thing I lost long ago that meant something to me. So I’m marking the day. Friday, I’m taking my Mom out for an elegant beverage – back to VTR – for an early Mother’s Day celebration, and then we’ll grab some dinner. Saturday I’m going to a play, which is always good for my soul, even when the material is tough to watch, which it is for this show, which I have seen before but could see again and again.

I must write. There is much to be written about. No video in my post today, because Prince locked that shit down, and good for him. But you all know the song so well.


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