Looking for love in between

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Enraged by two men kissing.

That’s what early reports suggest was the last straw for the monster who perpetrated the shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

I have been out as a bisexual for a relatively limited amount of time compared to the number of years I’ve been alive, though I have been bi since I became aware of my sexuality, playfully fighting with a male friend at childhood day camp for the attentions and affections of one of our attractive, female counselors, Miss Sarah. I was only 6 or 7 when my friend and I won the Foosball championship at camp, and with our team, all we hoped was to get Miss Sarah’s congrats. We good-naturedly fought for her attention. It all seemed normal.

My first sexual experiences were with females, space that was that safe and not invasive.

I’ve always loved men, of course. Men are the cream in my coffee, the yin to my yang. The posters on my walls growing up were of Shaun and David Cassidy, though I wanted Farrah up there as well. I crushed on Sam Jones as Flash Gordon in 1980, though it was Timothy Dalton’s dark, brooding visage I really wanted. In my life, I’ve gravitated more often than not to men. My place on the Kinsey scale puts me on that side of life. We are all at different places on that spectrum.

I have had amazing girlfriends who wanted to live the rest of their life with me, and have been fortunate to have a number of men who thought I was the bees knees enough to want the same. To have anyone want to pledge the rest of their life to being beside you pretty much every day is an incredible thing, and, as a bisexual, I guess I’ve been blessed with twice the opportunity, ha.

To think that anyone could think me kissing a boyfriend, fiancee or husband would anger them enough in thinking it is so wrong we deserve to be shot to death is something few straight women can understand. They would think it’s crazy and wrong.

It’s as normal feeling to me as it was to my foosball buddy as a kid, who never thought anything of our shared appreciation for Miss Sarah. Hatred is learned. Do not teach your children this hate.

To think that anyone could think me kissing a girlfriend, fiancee or wife would anger them enough in thinking it is so wrong we deserve to die is something that most of us on the LGBTQ spectrum understand, prepare for, anticipate, but never really understand it, either. But there remain some who think it’s crazy and wrong. This is what we have to fix.

How can it be wrong to love someone?

How is love wrong?

It can only be wrong if you have hate in your heart for those who are different. A hate that comes from fear.

If you hate people who are different, we should not be friends. In any way. Please release me from your life, your contact, your sphere. I do not wish to associate with you.



2 thoughts on “Looking for love in between

  1. I wrote about the exact same subject today. I think a lot of it comes down to various sections of society actively seeking out people who are easily led. You can read into that what you will. You wrote your thoughts wonderfully btw.

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