Feels Like Your Life Changes

sunset aug 15

Today is the kid’s first day of second grade. God, seriously where did the time go? I reflected on the way to work about how quickly summer is coming to an end, mentally readying myself for the shift to all things Fall.

He was sick all day yesterday but managed to feel good enough by the end of the day to go outside and toss the watermelon rinds down the back hill. I figure those will biodegrade and it’s fun for him. He insisted I throw some, too. I thought about how we were giving back to the earth what we had taken from it and was grateful. I remember standing out on that concrete patio the summer I was off on maternity leave with him, just me and my baby boy, as I would rock him and sing to him and talk to him about the leaves and nature and bugs and the sun. It seems so recent a time I could reach out and touch it, it’s so close, and yet it is so far away, never to be grasped again.

So much for him to learn back then, and now he’s telling me which country is bigger than another and which animals are omnivores or herbivores.

In addition to a pep talk about first impressions and putting his best foot forward for the new teacher, the last thing I told him before I dropped him off was that if he saw someone struggling today, to say something nice to them. That there might be someone new or afraid or lonely or sad and just a kind word from someone can really make someone’s day. I doubt he would do anything like this even if he had the opportunity. But it’s what I tell him, as that’s what I know. He holds the door for me now when we leave in the morning, and I never thought that would happen, so you never know. My little gentleman. I will not allow chivalry to die, dammit.

I got my revised hearing aids today and am wearing them at work. I can hear when people are talking at the coffee pot, or when people come in downstairs. I was able to have a phone conversation without as much difficulty as I usually have, which is most of the time and part of why I hate talking on the phone. Especially at work, where I am often doing phone interviews of male construction workers, often with some kind of an accent (southern, or Wisconsin, or Canadian), who aren’t all that great at conversation to begin with and so getting the details right can be tough. That seems to be improved. It’s all a new journey wearing these things. Time will tell, as with so many things, whether improvements are really happening.

So me and the kid are both on new journeys, and looking forward. I cannot change or bring back the past, and really, I wouldn’t want to. I look over my shoulder at lessons learned and look for ways to make the future better than ever. Somehow. Starting with how lucky I was to be able to take a little, brown-haired boy in a new orange dinosaur shirt to his first day of second grade today.


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