My Desire Is Always To Be Here



I fell in love this weekend.

Being from Central Ohio, and from a fairly poor family, I really had no clue about the Lake Erie Islands until around 10 years ago, when I reconnected with a friend from high school who lives on one of them. I started visiting the area then, and always really enjoy it. This weekend, I went to Kelley’s Island for the first time. I am in love with it. I want to buy a house there and run away. The house next to the cabin I stayed in was for sale, for more money than I could possibly ever imagine paying for a house, and yet I fantasized about stepping right in to that world, buying my rental cabin next door, which was also for sale, and working as an innkeeper the rest of my life, with a view of the lake and the sound of the waves crashing on the beach.

Particularly in this time of terrible strife nationwide as we race full-bore into the cement wall that is our presidential election, and amidst a tumultuous year personally and professionally, saying this was a much-needed get away would be like saying a visit to the sun would be kind of warm.

The weather was unexpectedly, even unseasonably beautiful. With temps just peaking in the low 70s, the nights were cool and crisp and the days were sunny and bright without causing your neck to soak up with sweat just by standing outside for a minute. It was such a hot, hot summer, and though I love summer a ton, there were many days it was too hot to run, and I got overheated and sick trying to do so, more than a few times.

This fall brings me new focus, new energy and new drive. My son is finally settled into second grade, our home routine seems manageable, the extra money I’ve been working hard to earn by picking up writing jobs on the side is helping to offset unplanned expenses like car repairs and medical bills. It’s Bingo Night at the kid’s school this week and the dinners I plan for the teachers the night of parent-teacher conferences are coming together almost easier than ever in my three years of managing them. Things are falling into place. It takes work, but I am doing that work and am happy I’m able to do it.

My focus is on me, my family, and making myself better in all the ways I can. I can’t do anything about much of anything else or anyone else or whatever is going on elsewhere that’s horrible. For me, right now, narrowing what I see and homing in on what’s important is where it’s at. And always, living. Fully, as much as I can, every day, since you never know how many more days you have.




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