There’s Such A Life To Go


I’m already over winter, and it’s only just now kicked into high gear. This is the time of year I hate living here more than any other, these next two months or so. I’m planning a shit ton more social engagements so I can at least get pleasure out of the company of my friends, since there’s no pleasure to be had outside.

Everyone is sick, everywhere. I keep getting sick, then better, then am around sick people hacking and sneezing and I get sick again. I’m so tired of this cycle. I want to just work from home and wear a mask whenever I have to go out in public.

But, 2017 marches on. Eleven days in and I am kicking myself into high gear as well. I’ve been working out pretty steadily for about a month and a half, and am now turning up the heat on those workouts. Longer, harder, whatever it takes. I’m finally starting to see numbers on the scale go down. But my, what a long journey it will be to get it to say something I’ll feel better about. That’s ok. I’m working on it. I miss running. It’s going to yet be at least a month or two before I can even think about starting – the area where the ligament is torn on my ankle is still swollen every day at the end of the day, but I can walk, so that I’ll do. My PM&R doc has given me the ok to start strength training and rehab exercises for the ankle as well, so I’ve started those too.

I’m trying to write more as well, which is why the blog is getting neglected. I write all day long for work, and then have to squeeze in a workout while I still have energy. Then eat and shower and then? Facing the shitty, falling-apart computer chair I have at home and my keyboard, it’s hard to make it happen. I’ve decided to try to focus more on writing on the weekends. Every other Saturday and every other Sunday I am basically free, so I’m going to carve out time those days and stop worrying so much about during the week, since it’s harder to pull off. So far, it’s working.

I may be alone, but it doesn’t have to be lonely. It does, however, have to be productive, and it has to move forward. We’re gaining one minute of light every day, whether we see it or not. Sooner rather than later, I will wake up and hear the birds and it will be spring, and all the new things that it brings, and the light and the sun.

I look forward to that.



2 thoughts on “There’s Such A Life To Go

  1. Hello dear, just thinking of you with the all-pervading gloom (it is snowing and gray here in CO today). Funny how something sucky can also remind you of good things. Hang in there 🙂

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