Back From A Fantasy


I am not letting go of what’s important, nor am I turning my focus away from it. This includes my grand and sweeping personal agenda items (and smaller, but no less important personal resolutions), as well as the much more “woke “agenda that now seems to include regular protest, political action that includes daily phone calls to people in government, emails, signing petitions, writing postcards, and any other things I feel may help make a difference as we slide down Shit Mountain into the pit of Hell.

But this weekend, a real mixture of action. My best friend came into town from Florida for my pre-birthday celebration (my birthday this year falls both on Super Bowl weekend and custody weekend, so if I wanted to get people together, it had to be before the actual date). The weekend was a blur of singing, drinking, eating, yoga, snow, cake, and playing pool, but there were so many moments, snapshots of joy and brilliance, which were much needed in these gray, cloudy, dark days (literally and figuratively). It’s always interesting who shows up for a party and who doesn’t. My theater people really are my family. They come through for me again and again when so many other people make a lot of promises to see me more or get together more often but it never seems to happen. Almost everyone who attended was someone I know through theater. Many of my theater peeps are in shows, of course, and could not make it, and many of the parents I know were otherwise involved with kid stuff, which I obviously get. But the crew who showed was diverse and wonderful and lovely and I had such a good time. It was so, so downscale and low-key, it was just what I needed.

Then I got the kid yesterday, and we had a low-key day. I took him to the rec center to play basketball and it was SWAMPED because it’s so cold out and nothing for kids to do. He got hit in the head with a ball, pretty hard, too, and cried and cried and let me hold him like when he was a lot littler, which is rare these days. In the end he was fine and played some more after it quit hurting. He’s reading a book on the Atlanta Falcons right now, which he got from the library with another book on some kind of fast car. What happened to my little tiny dude? It’s going so fast. We watched an Indiana Jones movie last night and it was just nice to chill and not run around doing a bunch of errands. I got a lot of editing done last night on a script I’m working on, but there is so much to do and now a timetable, as it has to be submitted at the end of February. So the pressure is on, and no time to waste. I will get it done. Because that’s what I do, especially this year.

The kid’s school was cancelled today because of snow. He’s now able to go to my job with me and be relatively well-behaved, reading or playing games on the iPad. We came home mid-afternoon so I can finish out the work day from here, and we’re both having some cookies from the Italian bakery where I got my birthday cake, and I’m having some strong coffee because snow and cold and a weekend of partying takes much more of a toll on you at 48 than it used to.


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