Cross The Highways Of Fantasy



I’ve been on an upswing lately and I’m enjoying the ride upwards. The past week or so, life has been pretty good and I feel lucky almost every day, no matter how bad things might get at work or with finances or politics. I know I’m lucky to be alive, to not be in pain every day, to be able-bodied and of sound mind. I have a roof over my head, food to eat, many friends who love me, and 2017 is being pretty decent to me, so far.

I achieved some important writing goals last week, and that felt great. I went out several times with different friends, some of whom I haven’t seen in a long while. It feels so good to laugh and share secrets, eat, drink, be merry and even meet new people while out on the town. I’m lucky to live in a city that’s so accessible and comfortable for me. Like Goldilocks, Cleveland for me generally is not too big, not too small, but just right. I lived hard, worked hard and played hard over the past week. I’m getting back in to yoga, as a companion piece to trying to ramp back up to running, while the long-term rehabilitation of my ankle continues. I can do more on it all the time, and the swelling is finally starting to go down in between workouts, so there is progress. I’m getting stronger and my body composition is slowly changing. I also got my taxes done, so that’s off the books, and what a relief.

There is a lot of unused space in my bedroom. I decided to start moving things around and making some changes to fill up the unused space and free up some other space. I filled up the armoire with stuff that had been on a storage shelf in the corner, and am going to sell the shelving unit the stuff was on previously. I’m going to get a newer and bigger bed as well. I might get rid of enough clothes this spring to lose one of the small dressers in there too. There is no need to keep things around that I don’t truly need and want.

Yesterday, I decided to bag spending the day doing errands and chores like I usually do. Once we got some grocery shopping out of the way, I took the kid out to the Auto Show. He’s never been. He was skeptical as to whether or not it would be fun from my description, but I couldn’t describe it properly. He had to see it. I knew he’d love it. Hell, I used to love it and went every year for many years. It was fun to get in and out of so many wonderful, shiny and new vehicles, fantasize about what I might get if I had buckets of money, and come away with a swag bag of wish books and t-shirts. Now it was my son’s turn.

He was overwhelmed, in the best possible way. He literally SPRINTED in between cars. He happened to be sitting in one with the sunroof open when Cavs player Richard Jefferson arrived, and he stood up on the seat and got to see a pro basketball player live and in person for the first time, ever. We ate ice cream, sat in a thousand cars, and I agreed to ride with him on some crazy Jeep course where a pro driver powers an SUV over staircases, turns you almost completely sideways and drives you slowly down a 30-degree incline. It was pretty hairy for me because I hate rides of any kind, even ones that are supposedly super safe. The kid was nonplussed and said how fun it was, and we went to the Ram display and did that ride as well, which was less harrowing, but more an impressive show of strength, with the truck being hooked up to a 2.5-ton brick wall, which it then pulls slowly up to vertical.

He asked if we can come every year, and I said hell yes.


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