Heart Full Of Soul


So much is happening in my life these days, it’s hard to keep up with the blog. I feel like I could blog twice a day and it wouldn’t encompass everything.

Writing has slowed considerably over the last week in general. I wanted to catch up on some movies I’ve been wanting to see, Oscar-nominated stuff that’s finally rolling in from the library, and then of course there’s last week’s hospital visit, which knocked out a good 36 hours from my life. Short version: bad tickers in my family and confluence of many bad/weird symptoms made me think I might be having a heart attack. But I wasn’t, and that’s good. I am seeing a sports medicine guy for the very bad shoulder/neck/arm thing, which was one of the key factors in said visit, and am grateful I still have health care, as this is likely to have been a HORRIBLY expensive visit. My job is not the best, but we do have good health care, and, on days like today, a snow day for my kid, I can work from home and plop my son in front of books and TV and muddle through what I have to get done from the comfort of my easy chair instead of the confines of my workstation, and that is nice.

I hit several writing goals the first week of March and am now going to start pursuing some other leads I’ve saved but not chased, as well as work on tackling one of my bigger, longer-term writing things that I hope to have done by official beginning of summer. As my ankle is doing much, much better (though still not 100%), I am trying to get back into running, and had my first outdoor winter run of the season the other day. Honestly, it was freezing, and then it felt great. It’s actually a really good way for me to deal with winter. I just had to invest in the proper gear for it, which I did last year, and from the looks of things outside, I’ll have plenty of chances to get to use it all before winter goes away.

I’ve also settled most of the details for a road trip me and the kid are going to take this May. I promised him I would take him to the ocean, and finally, am going to drive us there, though it will take a very long time to get there (and probably feel like twice as long coming back). It’s a long haul and very expensive to manage alone, but I promised the kid and I’m going to do it. I’m looking forward to it as well, as long as the car holds up. I’ll have to get new tires before we go, and may have to replace my entire headlight assembly, which is failing, but this is what I’m doing this year instead of throwing him an expensive birthday party which is mostly populated by my ex’s family, and I’d much rather do this than that. So off we will go. The fucking ocean, finally. He’s been asking since he could talk. I hope we don’t get eaten by sharks. Ha.

After the hospital/heart scare, I spoiled the kid Sunday. We had a visit at Grandma’s and then I took him to see Kong: Skull Island. He was the only little kid there and I don’t even care. He loved it, and whispered “awesome” at least five times, so I call that a win. Hell, I was more scared than he was.

I have less time to work on me during the weeks that he is here, and that’s ok. Last night I tried to do yoga but he needed help with several homework assignments so I just bagged the yoga and we worked on all his shit that didn’t get done last week at his Dad’s, and now he’s much more caught up.

In addition to the snow day today, school is closed Friday for “in-service,” which I’m convinced is an alternate language phrase for “teachers need a day off.” It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and we are part Irish, so I will take him to work with me and hopefully we can take a long break and watch part of the parade. I’m taking him to a fish fry Friday night and then Saturday we’ll have our corned beef.

It would be nice if I had an adult companion for these things. St. Patrick’s Day, movies with the kid, road trips. I love the kid’s company, but miss adult companionship.

I bought a little shamrock plant for good luck. I feel like it’s starting to work. At least I know my heart is good, literally and figuratively.



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