Get Into The Light Where You Belong

Sometimes the signs are there and you’re just not as good at seeing them as you should be. I am working on that, and I think it’s paying off.

Yesterday was a pretty amazing day, all things considered, and it was just a normal workday Thursday. I had an extremely long phone conversation, interviewing someone for an article I’m writing and was actually brought to tears hearing the person’s story. More than once, and in a good way. Also discovered, through our conversation, that my interviewee has very strong opinions about how you life your life every day, and how you never know what your path is going to be, but you have to move forward every day and prepare for the best, and never give up. It’s a tale about what we are capable of even in the most extreme conditions, and how our legacy can outlive us if we bring light to every day and work to illuminate others. I believe in this a lot, even in small and seemingly insignificant ways, and to get this message and talk to this person sort of reinforced all that for me. Honestly it was one of the most meaningful interviews I’ve ever done, and how that will affect me going forward could end up being important. The not knowing, sometimes, can be exciting.

Last night I took that conversation to heart and pushed to do something out of my comfort zone, and ended up the day feeling like I really did something and experienced life fully and with vigor, wonder and joy. I was also really sore, since that my outing involved running a 5K with some strangers, and then going out for drinks and food. The exhausted and happy and accomplished feeling is a good one to have when you lay down your head on your pillow to sleep. I have plans to continue that work this weekend.

Spring is also leaving signs. Though it was very cold yesterday, today is supposed to be in the 60s. The birds are chirping when I leave home each morning, and there is more light, internally and externally.

For right now, I am grateful, and I am working. The coffee is hot, my belly is full, I have shelter and employment. I am loved, and I love. My eyes are open, and I am looking for more signs.


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